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06 June 2010, 02:37 PM
( is a vehicle that may be used in a variety of task in the first stage of mars colonisation and terraforming process. The main aproach is based on

using leggs instead of wheels, as they are less prone to bog down in the fine surface dust, or suffering major damage from rocks laying in their path. The leggs movement is based on Theo Jansen's principle of motion, maximum speed is around 40 km/h and maximum range at 2000 km .
The vehicle consists of three major modules: command unit , life/transpot unit and base module ( two hinged platforms with sets of leggs powered each by H2O engine ).
Its modular construction type means that it can perform three major roles:
1. It can be used as a mobile lab, beeing able to stay far from its home base for a month, using its life support & lab unit ( configuration pictured here )
2. Used as a transport vehicle, by changing its life support & lab module with a transport module.
3. Also by changing both command and lab modules with two transportation ones, it can be turned into a semi-autonomous vehicle, that can follow the command vehicle as in a road train configuration, useful when relocating home base .


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