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06 June 2010, 12:26 PM
I did some research about cameras in maya compare to real world cameras both for still cameras and moving ones unfortunately there are lots of difference.
In maya camera is just a transform node that you can look through it and change some attributes (camera don't move correctly,perspective don't work properly,DOF if a fake effect there is no hyperfocal distance etc) but in real world , camera has its own unique and complex characteristics and they vary from camera to camera.
With knowing them in real world you can make a good picture both in live action and CG World.

any way I have some suggestion for you :
1_Learn about good composition. good composition make your picture more believable (always try to create believable images rather than realistic ones)

Read this paper you can find lots of valuable information in it. (its like bible for me)

2_Buy a camera and a good lens and go take some picture from a location (with out changing position) with different focal points , aperture and shutter speeds every time write the setting on paper, then compare pictures and try study them and then try to recreate that location in maya with those camera data you wrote take some render in maya and find solutions for make your renders looks like the real image with this practice your eyes and brain learn to decide about camera setting (like FP,Aperture,Shutter speed,etc) in different situation for example in a dark scenes the setting for aperture and shutter is different from a fully lit scene and every setting has its own effect ( like motion blur and DOF) on final picture (experience is the best teacher for you)

3_for finding good ways for rendering a scene in maya try to recreate a small version of that situation on your desk (with you cell,mug,books...and lit them with your desk light) then take some pictures with this you can find correct perspective,aperture ... and then make your render looks more BELIEVABLE .

4_for moving cameras in maya don't animate camera ,try to find some tripod plugins or if you have Mel skills study real tripods and write something for your self and then animate that tripod it has subtle effect but it make your camera movement more believable.
we wrote a tripod for our projects its not final but if you want I can email it for you.

Good luck.

06 June 2010, 02:10 PM
Wellcome to CG :)

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