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06-17-2010, 08:48 PM
Hi everyone,

I have been working on a new Unreal Tournament 3 multiplayer level for the past month and thought I would show my progress. Once completed, I plan on making two version of it; capture the flag and deathmatch.

Also wanted everyone's opinion on something, I am trying to break into the game industry as a level/environment artist and I am planing on using this level as a portfolio piece. My issue is that the level contains some static meshs from Epic that come with UT3.

I did the layout plans, the block out phase, the bsp textures, the modelin/texturing of a few of the static mesh, the lighting, the scripting, and bot pathing myself but I am wondering how a potential employer would see such portfolio piece when it contains assets that come pre-packaged with the engine. Would a simple disclaimer mentioning some of the static mesh are from Epic be enough?
Should I go for a detailed breakdown of what I did? Any insight is appreciated.

("Right click --> view image" to view in full size)

Any comment/critics/insight are welcome.

06-18-2010, 02:01 AM
its looking good. Are the lights just static or dynamic? Would be cool to see one flicker maybe. Overall though looks like a fun map.

06-19-2010, 08:43 PM
You need to give credit to the respective engine you choose to utilize for your projects, same goes for the content you use. For more information of that, read Epic's disclamer:

The position Level Designer varies quite from company to company. Some of them create art assets, others don't, but what they all do, is setting up the level. That is exactly what you are doing here. What they look at specfically is that you are able to make the balance between something that looks pretty, but that plays well at the same time. The gameplay factor always comes first and it always will. You can do a level that looks amazing visually, but if the gameplay of it is horrible, no one will give it a second thought.

In regards to the question if you should do a breakdown. That would be attractive to see, even a simple video showing stills of a section of the level, that shows the process from start to finish, step by step, or design documents showing your planning for the level, those things show your workflow of doing level design and that would only be a plus :)

Look around at level designers portfolios, plenty of them have used content from games like Half Life, the UT franchise etc, and that is all accepted, a whole heck of those present that stuff when applying for a job by the way. Suffice it to say: I strongly doubt anyone is expecting someone to show up with levels that consists 100% of his their own content. Having said that, you got to have an understanding of Kismet, Cascade and the Material Editor. since those are required for most LD's who use the Unreal Engine these days. The more you can make yourself, the more attractive you will be, not only for potential employers, but also for fellow members on the team.

Hourences, who is a well known and respected artist - Have several times before also used Gears and UT content in his levels, these levels are also part of his portfolio.

To finish this wall of text off, I'd like to add that almost all employers know the game editors that are out there, but in any case, you should always state what engine you are using, as well as the things that you did and did not do. Good luck :)

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