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06 June 2010, 10:29 PM
Ok so im thinking of applying to maybe 3 or so art colleges, probably Ringling , SCAD, and maybe VFS or VanArts (possibly Gnomon too) and just had some questions on what i can/can't put in my portfolio. I know anime drawings are out of the question (and surprisingly thats what i used to do mostly), but are 3D models accepted? Like i made a Scooter in Autodesk Inventor for school, would i be able to put that in? And would models made in 3ds Max or Maya suffice also? Oh, and im probably gonna apply for Ringling's Game Art & Design Major if that matters (wanting to be an environment or prop modeler).

06 June 2010, 10:52 PM
Hey, before you throw all your money at a big fancy 4 year art college I'd seriously recommend going to a nice community college. You could get rid of elective credits you'd be paying more for at a 4 year art program and youd have some time to work on your traditional art skills. (yes, generally no anime) Are you coming directly out of high school?

06 June 2010, 09:48 AM
If you are going to a school like Ringling that is 4 years and credits transfer, I agree take your general education courses somewhere cheaper.

As per your question; never ever submit anime in a portfolio, only submit cg images if they are strong, most places want to see life drawings and figure drawings. If you are unsure if your scooter or other work is good enough to put in your portfolio feel free to post a link here.

As for your school choices most are good. I would advise not going to Ringling if your goal career is in modeling. They are amazing for animation but I have heard their game program is still decently weak (because it's new). Also from what I understand they concentrate much more on the design of the game rather than the art of the game. I'd say your best choices are Gnomon or VFS. Both schools have amazing programs. Personally I feel these are the two best schools for modeling.

06 June 2010, 06:02 PM
Yea ill be coming straight from high school.. gonna be a senior in September.

And i know about Gnomon, but some cons are that cost, which is kinda costly to say the least, and i'd have to go all the way around the country (i wouldnt mind this, though my mom probably would). And the thing about VFS is i dont know how going to school in Canada and then coming back to the US for a job would work out.. If anyone has any other schools they would recommend i'd appreciate it.

Also, another question. Today was my last day of school, and i was thinking of what i should do for the summer. I was thinking that since i dont draw much and some art schools require a portfolio, should i just spend the summer and part of my senior year just drawing things to put in my portfolio? Or should i work on getting better at Max or Maya?

06 June 2010, 08:08 PM
Cost is definitely something you need to figure in. Ah mothers lol, if it is something you really want to do, in your discussions you can mention that Gnomon/VFS is one of the best schools in the world and you are trying to be responsible by getting a good education. For VFS don't worry about getting a job back in the US or even if you wanted to stay in Canada. Most of VFS's students aren't even Canadian (so I have been told by students). When it comes to schools they really don't care where you studied. how long you studied, or if you have a degree, all they care is what can you do.

Definitely be drawing a lot, that should be your main focus. Make sure you are drawing from life too. On the side, I would suggest spending some time in Maya/other, try to study all areas of CG so you can get a better feel for what your goal is. Luckly if you choose VFS or Gnomon both schools give you the basic skills for all areas and let you specialize later on. But never underestimate being over prepared.

Also be sure you are constantly doing research, the more you know now the better. Start looking at studios you'd like to work with, jobs that interest you, research the field as much as you can. I have three years before I graduate but I check my favorite studios career postings weekly so I am better informed what they are looking for, and what I should focus on improving.

Edit: I forgot to mention self teaching is an option. Due to your age I don't suggest it, but for some people self teaching is the way to go. It really depends on how you learn best. Like I said earlier, studios only care what you can do, there are loads of people who never even went to school and have great jobs. Just a little something else to consider.

06 June 2010, 12:20 AM
Yea i was thinking that if i were gonna draw i could just spend the time im not drawing (or working) just working on things in Max/Maya.

I heard the whole going to school / self taught route, and i dont think i'd do good the self taught route. Just getting something done for school is a hassle considering i would get distracted by Facebook or something lol.

And i would look at jobs and such, but im not sure what the best / or good sites to look for jobs in the industry would be at. The only place i look is here and some other site that slips my mind atm.

06 June 2010, 12:57 AM
Lol exactly why I don't recommend self teaching :p.

Most of the time I check the studios website. For instance, BioWare:

I'm not sure of a general job searching site for this but I know this site has an area for it.

06 June 2010, 09:03 PM
Lol exactly why I don't recommend self teaching :p.

Most of the time I check the studios website. For instance, BioWare:

I'm not sure of a general job searching site for this but I know this site has an area for it.

gamasutra is quite popular with some big companies.

06 June 2010, 09:25 PM
Lol exactly why I don't recommend self teaching

There's absolutely nothing wrong with self teaching. It's a process that works for many, many people - myself included. Be wary of ever outright recommending one process over another when it comes to learning, as people are different and there are indeed many people who actually learn better and work more productively on their own.

Erdauq, I would suggest to you that you improve your self discipline. Whether you choose to go to college or learn on your own, you're going to require a lot of discipline to get anywhere. Learn to ignore distractions as much as possible during the time when you should be getting work done.

06 June 2010, 09:51 PM
I'm kind of in the same situation, 17 just graduated a few months ago don't know what to do. I am already accepted to a University but I'm leaving it to go to Gnomon or Devry or whatever I don't know. Do you actually know anything about the pipeline or have any experience creating props? If you don't, I would suggest going to a 4 year because 3d may not be the thing you want to do.. If you're sure about doing 3d (not for fun remember, its always different when you're doing it to support your family although its always fun and you should have fun) then you should get to cracking with 3ds Max / Maya, making props and texturing them. Scooter in autodesk inventor probably wouldn't work for game art. Just remember that any decision you have to make, don't let anyone here make it for you. It's all up to you people here just wanna give u as much info as possible. I know I almost screwed myself by letting people decide because of their experiences and I almost got stuck in a 4 yr wasting away learning stuff like history and English that I simply didn't want.

Best of luck to ya man!

06 June 2010, 11:36 PM
Not actually sure which part of 3d id want to do, but im sure its not animating or lighting or anything like that. Im mainly interested in modelling. Not so sure on character modelling, although im trying that out now. Mainly weapons, props and things like that.

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