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09 September 2003, 06:50 PM
Iv never drawn a face like this before so I may be a little off. The Idea here is that she is kinda “hissing” at you showing her fangs. On each side of her nose are tears not pimples :) Also, this is just a small section of the overall picture and it’s a one day sketch. It was done on a laptop so it may be dark or well, hell I cant tell on a laptop…

I think she could be a little …pissed’er than she is, right now I get the impression she is only half heartedly trying to scare you. I think the key is in the nose but I’m not too sure.

09 September 2003, 02:56 AM
Hey if your trying to make her more angry looking you could try adding a wrinklr under her eye and giving defining her cheek bones. Try screaming at your face in the mirror or something. Right now I think it look's good. She's more like evily seductive though. How is she standing her shoulder's seem very crooked, also you might want to lighten up the lines on the throat if it's eposing skin. I wasen't sure of how her collar look's.

09 September 2003, 04:28 AM :thumbsup: :D

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