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06 June 2010, 09:29 PM
This is a test to see what is supported in terms of embedded video here on CGTalk. Hopefully this will become common practice when posting a video on CGTalk as embedded video is a very efficient and clean way of making video accessible on the internet. Embedding video also allows the user to watch a video without having to navigate away from CGTalk to some other site. As far as I know the latest vBulletin version supports the [VIDEO] tag, however I do not believe CGTalk is using the latest version, and the tag is so far unsupported. That being said, it seems as thought the administrators have installed some mods which allow embedded video from a few select sites.

Here are examples of embedded videos from video content sites:


Embedding Status: Supported

About the Site:

Vimeo was founded by filmmakers and is well known for catering to that audience. The site does a good job offering high quality video in an attractive interface, while providing simple methods for video uploading (They are offering a desktop uploader in a Beta stage in addition to their web-based uploader). Hosting your videos is free on this site, while if you want more advanced features (2-pass encoding, 1080p video, HD embedding, more storage per week) an upgrade to a Plus membership is offered. As of right now Vimeo supports up to 720p videos on a free membership (while embedding those videos is permitted, the HD option will be unavailable on embedded videos for free users). A great feature of Vimeo is that you have the option to provide viewers to download the original video file, something that I have not noticed on any other site.

Information Needed for Embedding:

You will need the number at the end of the URL of the video's page:

In this instance the number would be 1982210

Code Implementation:

Wrap the number with VIMEO tags in your CGTalk post (Do not forget the / in the ending tag!):



Embedding Features Supported:


Embedding Features Not Supported:

The ability to set the width of the embedded video to the width of the CGTalk thread. This feature would be very attractive, as current embedded dimensions are rather small.


Embedding Status: Not Supported

About the Site:

YouTube is the largest video content site on the internet, period. It is free to sign up and upload your videos, and the amount of storage per week and quality is impressive for a free account. YouTube supports up to 1080p video in on-site playback as well as embedded video (For all members??). I will get more information on both sites as well as update this thread very soon (I have to go write a 10 page paper right now lol).

I recommend uploading your videos to multiple sites, not only for redundancy but also for the increase in audience. Thank you for looking over this material and please let me know what you think, suggestions etc. I will be updating each entry with a features list of each site to make it easier for people to see what they offer. Of course if none of them had an option to pay for extra features this would not be as useful, but because they do, it will come in handy for those who would like to spend their money wisely. Also if this post gets enough discussion and people assist me in improving the facts/guidelines perhaps it would be useful to post and sticky it in forums where uploading video is common (such as the finished and WIP animation sections).

03 March 2011, 01:00 PM
Very useful post mate! Thank you for sharing your findings!
I wanted to embed youtube time-lapse making of videos here at cgtalk wip forum, but as I see now, I need to go to vimeo and do it from there..


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03 March 2011, 01:00 PM
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