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06 June 2010, 03:55 PM
( What I like about Mead work, is the ability he has to create a graphic work. His way of presenting his finished concept drawings in a really dynamic way. What inspired me about his work is the ability to see in his works, not just - a new concept vehicle, but a lot of people working and living - that environment.

So you can understand how the vehicle work but also how the society works in that contest. I try, in keeping the Mead influence, to reproduce such feelings and sensations, instead to design only a vehicle.


In future the meaning of live will change as wont be enough space for all of us, even if we will colonized other planets, life wont be easy. The vessel is for commuters, it is a spartan vehicle due to costs, I didnt want to present a shiny vehicle as synonymous of future, but a more -lived - one.

Introduction/vessel description:

In the future, people will accept to be vacuum in order to go to work every day, the begs - will preserve the body from high speed and pressure by a special gel. Commuters, after they have been vacuumed, are put on a crossbeam in a way that they can be easily transfer on the containers. Trough a shuttle train commuters - packed - arrived at the correct platform based on their destinations.

The vessel can have six containers each side where you can load, 66 people each container (eleven each line multiply by three vertical lines), the beg - is more than 2.20 miters high. When the container is loaded is closed checked by the ground crew and with an hydraulic system connected to the vessel main structure, lifted from the ground, ( average body height 1.75 miters each character, max. tallness 1.80m).

The image show one vessel during the operation of loading early in the morning, the platform for lending is placed above a futuristic big city. Hope I mange to described the functionality and technical logic behind the vehicles, the logic of the whole transport system (included the shuttle train and his design) and more over the feeling of the society in the /that future.



p.s. English is not my first language but the fourth one, hope the text is clear enough for You;)

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06 June 2010, 03:55 PM
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