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06 June 2010, 02:13 PM
- The speed modelling challenges are open to everybody.
- In every challenge you will get a list of items. Pick one and try to model it as fast as possible. If you want, you can do all of them.
- Do not exceed the time limit of the challenge. If you're out of time and still haven't finished, post the unfinished model.
- If you finish before the time limit, spend the remaining time on refining and adding details to your model.
- Focus on modelling. Shading, lightning and "proper" rendering are optional (and thus not limited by time).
- Take as much time for reference hunting as you need.
- When posting your model make sure you post a wireframe of your model. (try to do more then one view of the model).
- You can do any challenge you want. The challenges are not closed when the SMC passes. If you fancy an older challenge, do that.
- For the concept items you have to create your own designs. If possible post the design images as well.

Items (2h time limit)

- a fireplace,
- a koala,
- a notebook,
- a kite,
- a vending machine,
- an albatross,
- an apple,
- a broom,
- a razor,
- a doubledecker bus.

Concept items (3h time limit) - design it yourself!

- belt buckle,
- rim (wheel),
- tabletop lamp,
- guitar,
- anything you want, but it has to be your own design.

Happy modelling!

06 June 2010, 11:44 AM
Two hours. I spent the last 15 minutes trying to light it up inside, and then deleted the horrendous results at two hours in and saved. So a switched off and empty vending machine is what I ended up with.

Btw what do the numbers mean in the titles of these threads? (6-2 to 6-16)

06 June 2010, 08:06 PM
Btw what do the numbers mean in the titles of these threads? (6-2 to 6-16)

the date.... from 2nd of June to 16th of June.

See if I can contribute with something tomorrow.... lol

06 June 2010, 10:24 PM startin with my "at least a model a day" moto i made a lamp

06 June 2010, 10:41 PM
the date.... from 2nd of June to 16th of June.
Ah, of course! Thanks.

I like it Rafa-el, is that blender?

My first smooth-complex-type creation (not sure if there's a technical term for that!), took me one and a half hours.

Electric razor
Having a second look it looks a little phallic! Never mind :P

06 June 2010, 03:52 AM
heres my fireplace! it took me about 40 minutes i could have spend more on this but im using a mac keyboard and goddamn these things cant map delete on windows...

06 June 2010, 10:00 AM
A notebook, an apple and a razor. I focused on the razor which was around 1.5 hours.
The apple was rather quicky and the notebook aswell.
The notebook has a page from the anime series "Death Note", I hope you guys have seen it? :)

06 June 2010, 10:20 AM
I forgot the razor, here's some views.
As you can see I really didn't manage to fix everything and it's looser on the backside because I only had one view from the reference. Not a good excuse though haha.
Got a bad cold so this is what I could manage today.


06 June 2010, 10:31 AM
Looks good you guys! Just remember to post those wireframes ;)

06 June 2010, 10:48 AM
tryed my hands on a double decker but it turned out to be a bit more than I could chew

here it is at about the 1hr 45 mark:

could use a bit more time to add in smoothing groups and tidy it all up but I should really be revising now :hmm:

06 June 2010, 12:19 PM
Swift3D, that's real impressive, especially with time limit and all. Did you model from only one reference view-point?

Hopefully I will have some time on my hands later this week, I sure wanna try one of those more complex items.

06 June 2010, 02:42 PM
thanks :)

not 100% sure i understand you. This is the reference image I used if that's what you were talking about.

and if you were talking about LOD - the front of the model is fairly even but the opposite corner is a little bit sparse for details and the underbelly is a bit blocky. just didn't have the time :(

I'd love to see someone try a koala, I was tempted myself but i'm fed up of soft body at the minute :)

06 June 2010, 02:54 PM
Took a stab at a wheelrim, 75 minutes for the modelling from scratch and another 30 to fiddle with the setup.

It might look better if fitted into a wheel and car :D .

06 June 2010, 05:34 PM
thanks :)

not 100% sure i understand you. This is the reference image I used if that's what you were talking about.

ah yea I meant like the one view-point, not sure what you call it? like one perspective view-point? Instead of having 3, front, side and top.....
I Remember I saw that reference previously when I was hunting for some material on google, that doubledecker. :)
I wanna give the koala or the Albatross a try, always gets tricky with the furry animals though.
Snif I need more mileage with simple models.

06 June 2010, 05:35 PM
Took a stab at a wheelrim, 75 minutes for the modelling from scratch and another 30 to fiddle with the setup.

It might look better if fitted into a wheel and car :D .

The picture is not showing.... at least not for me anyway...

06 June 2010, 08:52 AM
Hoeh? Displays just fine for me.

Try a direct link (

06 June 2010, 09:42 AM
dunfisch: Still not showing up.

06 June 2010, 10:07 AM
Huh. Well, then embedded in CGS might do the trick. Really strange, seeing as it displays for me just fine, hosted on Imageshack.

06 June 2010, 03:24 PM
Tried my hands on a albatross.
I'm fine with the proportions, but my feather alpha didn't want to look like I wanted it to.

However, my first work using Maya combined with Zbrush, usually I sticked to Cinema4d.

Time: 1h40m

06 June 2010, 08:39 PM
An Albatross, 1hour and 50 min.

Oh snif I tried some experiment with the feathers, wanted a simple feeling of feathers but; then all went downhill from there, lol.
Couldn't manage the weigth paint correctly.

ok ok, enough of the bad explanations. :)


06 June 2010, 10:15 PM
Took about 40 minutes. I can't really think of anything else to add.

I think I'll try and model something with a bit more variety tomorrow.

Also, the albatross above me is great! :thumbsup:

06 June 2010, 09:21 AM
NasserC, you're too kind, thank you. :) Good work on the broom there, real clean modeling.

06 June 2010, 03:31 PM
Got inspired by your broom there Nasser, had to try one out myself.

Broom, 20 minutes.


06 June 2010, 02:00 AM
Hey guys,
There is some good stuff going up here.
Here is my shot at an albatross. I definitely went for the more comic style rather than correct proportions. :p
took 1hr and 25 mins.

06 June 2010, 07:30 PM
"Anything you want"

Haha had to make something, couldn't miss the opportunity.
Anything you want = "Futuristic Mechanical clock"" - 40 minutes actual modeling, scribbled some back and forth before that so maybe 1 hour.

Perhaps pretty lameo, the idea is that those handles on the side are hour hand and minute hand which btw rotate around the whole.... The ball and the bar in the middle shows seconds, the ball rotates around the middle bar like with electro magnetism.....
The time itself is displayed through Morse Code, the bar in the middle will blink the correct time.
Not sure how to solve the 15 minutes past and such, snif. Perhaps a description in the manual LMAO....?

The bottomplate is just decoration and reminder of the older clocks. :)

Bigger version


06 June 2010, 06:44 PM
I like the idea, but I would probably need a working example, to see how it actually works :) Animate it! ;)

06 June 2010, 08:54 PM
Msus - Hey cool, yea sure needs a lot more planning for it to be able to work, I doubt it works in the state I modeled it lol. ...My god I'm such a newbie still haha. :)
Appreciate the feedback. :beer:

06 June 2010, 06:19 AM
Vending Machine, 2 hours.

Spent quite a while Lighting/Rendering, even made my first Occlusion pass :love: :P



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