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06 June 2010, 06:20 AM
I have a scene with a critter, 4 cameras, 4 directional keylights (4 different sun angles, corresponding to the camera angle), and a RendermanEnvLight complete with RenderRadiosity pass.

I wish to use Renderman's Render Passes (not outputs/AOV's - PASSES) to render from each of these four different cameras, each with the critter being lit from both the corresponding keylight, and the RendermanEnvLight complete with rmanRenderRadiosity pass. I can then LATER add the AOV's I want to each of these Passes.

I create a new custom 'Final' pass in the globals, rename it, and add the camera in the place it says 'Camera' and my keylight in the place it says 'Light Set'.
I repeat this four times (once for each different camera angle/sun angle).

When I hit render, I get my base render, with my four custom Final passes as well. Each one renders from the camera I told it to, lit by the keylight I wanted it to be lit by. My issue is the RendermanEnvLight - there is no environment lighting in any of these four outputs. I figured, given that rmanRenderRadiosity is a pre-render process which is part of my Render Globals (as is the RendermanEnvLight), and that each of my custom passes is a 'Final' pass, that each one of my passes would have the environment light visible and the PB occlusion. This clearly isn't happening.

I then made 4 light sets, each with one of the keylights, and the environment light, then added these sets to my custom final passes. I rendered again, this time I got what I wanted- 4 camera angles, each with keylight and environment light visible. However, no radiosity. I figured if the pass class was 'Final' it would include the rmanRenderRadiosity - I don't care if it has to be calculated four times for each frame (for each of the four camera angles) - I just don't know how to associate the rmanRenderRadiosity with the different passes.

I am avoiding Maya's render layers for a reason.

Surely there's a simple solution I'm just missing here?


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06 June 2010, 06:20 AM
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