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05-25-2010, 12:33 PM
(http://assets.cgsociety.org/nvart/418156_1274790821/1024bound)For my entry for the contest show a conceptual image to help me to improve it ... obviously a lot has to change, people with a futuristic, setting, the sky, the city in the background etc ... and if got there to the final touch Syd Mead .... that is what it is ... start ...
We are in the year 2058. On the outskirts of the great big city. Globalization and climate change have changed the culture of the land. Technologies have been developed minimal environmental impact, and obtained materials for environmentally friendly locomotion. But change has come a little late and the scars on the earth are very obvious ...
Air Deprotection occurred in the decade from 2045 to 2055 an unpredictable phenomenon, giving rise to that for some strange reason impact on the land a group of large meteors that reduced the world population in two thirds of the total ...
The surviving population was relocated in the big city cores that were not affected by the devastation ... Governments joined in a great world council with a main purpose of "healing" the wounds that they had done to the planet ...
With this environment as a backdrop a major distraction from the people is the competition of unicycles vehicles, no pollution and is put to test the skill of the teams competing. Not only play their reputation as assemblers but also of these races out contracts worth millions to be part of contracts for robotics and nanotechnology by the government.

The race itself is a race to 100 laps on a circuit in the air that each team can vary at will in certain circumstances a cart by remote controls at their disposal. The remote controlled pilot acting on a robot that goes to the control of the vehicle.
These races attract big business tycoons to make signings for their business ..... but lately there have been cases of criminal actions by organizations of dubious reputation ....

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05-25-2010, 12:33 PM
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