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05 May 2010, 05:30 AM
hello everyone my name is Alan Dykes I have been making 3D models and animation for about 4 years now and i would really like to take my shot at green screen. I just need some points in the right way to get me started and what would be needed to get me going. Right now im good at Maya, Motion Builder and Mud Box. What else do i need to get started and what would the pipeline be. what i am wanting to do is put myself in one of my 3D worlds.

05 May 2010, 10:09 AM
Hello Alan
There is a book on the market for making your own green screen, here is amazon link
its called "Green Screen made Easy" it goes through aspects about what to buy, how to set it up, how to light it...etc... it also goes into how to key green screen, but then you start getting into the compositing side at which point i recommend Steve Wright's book
this book will teach you how to put yourself into your 3D world :thumbsup:

Hope this helps...

05 May 2010, 04:10 PM
Start with getting a green screen.

Light your room or wherever the screen is so no shadows are shown on the screen when you are in front of it.

Film yourself in front of the screen.

Pull the footage into after effects, and use keylight 2.0 to key out the green.

Video Copilot (http:// Use these tutorials then just experiment

05 May 2010, 12:57 AM
And there is also Visual Effects for Directors:

While expensive, it does give LOTS of info and real-life experiences. Highly recommended!

05 May 2010, 09:12 PM
thank you guys so much this has helped out a lot

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