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05 May 2010, 09:38 PM
( think that this isn't the final concept...still dreaming about "all terrain vehicle " including air and sea.

05 May 2010, 10:32 PM
This is my sketches posted before in WIP thread...
This is my first sketches in this competition :)
This vehicle can access all terrains, i mean that it can roll over roads,fly over cities/lands,surf over weaves and even dive in deep sea/oceans..."High in the sky,deep in the sea,swift over weaves and stable on roads...all that features will be included to this new generation of vehicles.
"I gained an appreciation of the balance between organic and mechanical and the symbiotic enhancement that results. My designs reflect this subtle dynamic still." Syd Mead

05 May 2010, 10:34 PM
Progress 2
preparing the blueprint file to model it after...
any comments&critics are more than welcome...

05 May 2010, 09:05 PM
New details posted before
I know that my progress is too slow...Need your comments and critics :)

Thanks for looking.

05 May 2010, 12:10 AM
New detail added ...

06 June 2010, 11:59 PM
Nice work. It looks like a rolling maya logo! :D

06 June 2010, 12:50 AM
finally, i have achieved the cockpit model ...

Thank u kwark ( for the comment :)

06 June 2010, 02:41 PM

Feel free to comment...
thanks for looking :)

06 June 2010, 11:39 PM
i hv finished the cockpit door's & body pivot...
waiting ur comments...

06 June 2010, 12:50 AM
how can it turn? you must make the back wheels turnable

06 June 2010, 02:52 AM
Love the zen minimalism

06 June 2010, 12:26 PM
Thank u endi2 and Korendo for the comments...
here is a sketch showing how this vehicle can turn without turning the back wheels...:)

here is another sketch...

06 June 2010, 03:51 PM
I like your work through. Are you planning to render it in a different program?

06 June 2010, 01:28 PM
I like your work through. Are you planning to render it in a different program?

yes, i m actionnaly work on the final rendered picture, i hv some late cause i hv travelled in a trip to China, so i will post the final pic as soon as possible...

07 July 2010, 11:45 PM
SHARK RUNNER LS : (Land and sea)
on land : fan position 1
in sea : fan position 2==> additional propulsion

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07 July 2010, 11:45 PM
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