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05 May 2010, 03:43 PM
I'm making a short film based on the video game crysis, I'm using the canon 5D to shoot there is going to be a lot of jarring hand held footage that needs to be tracked. The rolling shutter makes this a NIGHTMARE, my question is has anyone used the FOUNDRY'S (800!!$) rolling shutter plugin.

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05 May 2010, 12:36 PM
rolling shutter helps. but if you are planning on 3d camera tracking then you are going to encounter some issues as you are manipulting the footage in a way that may damage it for the puposes of 3d tracking. Its all very trendy to shoot with cheaper CMOS cameras like RED or 5d but you are not doing yourself any favours when it comes to vfx.

all these CMOS cameras produce bad footage, distorted and full of artifacts, they are not good solutions for greenscreen work either. fact is you are better off looking at some ways to get better more stable shots and move away from jerky hand held style work if you want to get nice results out of these cameras.

05 May 2010, 03:19 PM
That rolling shutter plugin looks great, but I'm skeptical.

Tracking software works by picking points out of your video, and it expects those points to be in the same position relative to one another, or else you get wonky results. That's why the rolling shutter is a no-no for tracking. Pixels need to stay in the same position, unless they're physically moving in real life. A light-post being tracked at one position will confuse the software when you move your camera and all of a sudden it is bent, and the top of the pole appears to be 6 inches away from it's base.

I don't know enough about how that plugin treats the image, but if it's taking a DISTORTED image and trying to fix it on it's own the results still will not be pixel-perfect as they were in the real world, and your software will most likely have just as much trouble tracking your "corrected" footage.

Agreed. The 5D is just a bad choice if you want to shoot something that looks hand-held and integrate CG with it. Shoot your high-motion shots with something like an HVX-200 or GY-HM100. Both are great video cameras with 3CCD sensors. And use your 5D for locked off, or dolly shots where the depth of field can be noticed.

Another option is to look into stabilizing devices like the Steadicam Merlin or Glidecam 2000HD. Shoot smooth shots, and add some bump into your frame afterward in post.

Of course District 9 used Reds, and they did it handheld, and they used a similar plugin to this to remove their skewing, so who knows what can really be done. It just doesn't seem possible without a lot of experience.

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