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05 May 2010, 08:15 AM
hi all
i am new to the world of 3d animation and have a query about a summer internship program in 3d animation by a reputed institute in new delhi. they are charging Rs. 7500 or $166 for d entire course and they are asking to bring our own laptops. i am mentioning d syllabus below. the thing is dat i am not sure weather to spend this much money or not... i.e.... is d curriculum worth Rs 7500 and 15 classes 3 hrs each class.... they are also providing a certificate by MAYA.



interactive session
about animation
about MAYA
Application of MAYA

Clearing the user interface
Introduction of different palletes
Creating Primitive shapes

Polygon Primitives
Nurbs Primitives
Subdiv Primitives
Learning about Different modes of an object

Vertex mode
Edge Mode
Face Mode
Object Mode
Learning about Mesh Flow
Familiarizing Tool Pallete

Selection & Move tool
Rotate tool
Scale tool
Implimitation of these tools with shortcuts


Learning the difference between Plane Modelling and Box Modelling
Go through the ‘Edit Mesh’ menu
Creating Interiors
Learning to place Blueprints for higher modeling
Car modelling
Character modelling

Hypershade Pallete
Unwrap UV

Learning about different lights
Simple lighting
Three point lighting
Creating Camera

Learning to use camera for production level
Learning about camera settings
Simple rendering How to render image with different sizes Rigging

How to place bones
How to assign controllers to bones
Explaining the use of ‘Advance Biped’
Time Line & Animation

Learning about Frames & Framerate
explaining what is animation with the help of persistence of vision
Keyframe animation
frame by frame animation
Camera Animation
Object Animation
Character Animation

Principles of Character Animation
Creating Simple Walk
Explaining about various Body Mechanics
Brief introduction to ‘Lipsync’
Project Maintenance

How to create new Project & work in it
Advance Rendering

Mental ray rendering
Batch Rendering
During the internship program we will go through different aspects of java like control structures, inheritance, polymorphism etc. we will apply all the techniques independently with certain programs and at the end major projects will be assigned to the students.

Some of the projects may involve:

Project 1: Chatting Tool Box The objective is to create a Client Sever connectivity based software using the Java Servlets. Project 2: Database handling The objective is to interact with database i.e.. either Microsoft Access, Sql etc.
Projects: 3D animation awed the world a few years back when it was displayed for the first time on the silver screen. Ever since, the animation industry has grown by leaps and bounds and going by the trends, the growth is expected to be quicker than ever before.

Animation is not restricted to cartoon characters alone. Animation finds its use in various fields from Medicine to Education; and even Architecture and Aviation industries use this incredible art for putting up clearer images and helping the trainees learn.

The stage is set for 3D animation and the industry is ready to embrace anyone who has the guts to experiment and the talent to put up an interesting show. If 3D animation interests you, do not hesitate to take it as a career option.

3D animation is the best way to present our thoughts to the audience & MAYA is one of the best tools to do it.

Project details: Students will be creating completely rigged & textured character with walk cycle & body dynamics’ animation of the character.


05 May 2010, 02:39 AM
If that's what you wanna do go for it, but also keep in mind you can learn most things on the internet for free if you have the time to search around for it. $166 for the course is not bad, but it also depends on your financial situation. here in Australia it would be 10x that price.

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