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05 May 2010, 08:43 AM

I'm using Vue8 xStream inside 3dsmax.

I'd like to create an Ecosystem on a 3dsmax plane mesh. My final target is to convert plants into common editable mesh in the way that I can export them into other software.

Baically I can use the menu "Object-->Create-->From Plant Species.." and create one by one, and all works correctly. But it is quite long to add all plants I need, so I can use the "Edit--->Paint Ecosystem" tool, but once done it, how can I convert into a common mesh?
I know it can be done if I'd create an ecosystem starting from a Vue Material, but I can notice that I can't apply a vue material to a not vue object, like the 3d mesh ground I've created into 3dsmax.

So my final question. how can I convert an ecosystem into a group of standard mesh in 3dsmax?

Thanks a lot!

05 May 2010, 06:45 AM
well if you want to create an ecosystem on your mesh you're going to have to import into vue then dbl click the material of the object change to ecosystem get your plants and populate, the best way is to paint the ecosystem on your mesh, that way you have greater control of where you want your moss, rocks, vines etc...

after you're all done, there's an icon to the right of your paint ecosystem icon, click that, this window is your painted ecosystem selector, you can select certain or all your painted objects, once you determine which ones you want converted, (make sure TOOL>Select is selected) a third option under the tool menu should have enabled. now go Tool > Manipulate > Convert to Objects

and you should be good to go.... if your painted ecosystem just isn't looking right and you want to tweek your plants just a bit, lets say make them taller, or wider, or a different color, gp tp tje change instances type to "name of painted plant" and this will convert it to a solidgrowth edible plant. and do your changes from there, then export those plants out as an obj...

hope that helps!


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05 May 2010, 06:45 AM
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