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05 May 2010, 05:59 PM
Hello, I am still relatively new to the whole model/render/create area, but Ive been hammering away - as a labor of love - on this little project I put myself up to. By all means, its terrible, as I am still a beginner, and really very new to after effects, 3ds max and adobe softwares.

My issue arises when I render out to a file. I have exported my material from 3ds max as a targa sequence, so I have a clean frame and can manipulate as needed (one of the tricks I learned from a few of the pro's on here)

The weird thing is, when I go to render the movie through premier that the first... Maybe 15 seconds of the clip appear to have a dramatic motion blur - literally when you pause the clip, you can see three overlapping clips making up one image. I have unchecked frame blend, and made sure I turned off interlaced, but the problem still persists... The really weird thing is, there is virtually no difference between the frames of the first 15 seconds of the clip, verses the last 20 seconds of the clip - yet it renders out clear without no frame blur, or whatever it is.

I rendered out at 30FPS from both 3ds max into AE, then exported targa sequence at 30 FPS for all frames... So I am baffled as to why I am hitting this issue. Ive tried to do some digging into it, but I finally broke down and decided to beg for help here! :)

The above image shows the general nature of the first few seconds of the clip. Almost looks like a stereoscopic effect, and really gives me a headache to watch.

This picture shows what it looks like just after the "jump" as I like to call it, a moment in the clip where you can EASILY identify that the blur has suddenly ceased..

If anyone has any advice - I could really use it! Im so near completion of the little thing that this bump in the road has got me kinda mad!

Thanks in advance!

05 May 2010, 06:50 PM
Well, an unusual thing happened... I re-rendered it again, and lowered the framerate to 29.97 instead of forcing it at 30 (which is what it should be so its weird) and it corrected the issue! I am re-rendering again with the output set at (same as source) to see if its even better. I did however stumble on another issue that I was hoping someone might know.

I have an exploding logo that I created in after effects thanks to the great tutorials over at, and it looks FANTASTIC when its all compiled together except for one gripe. I generated the exploding text as one 5-6 second clip that I could apply over the already made film in after effects and using the alphas, make it look clear - and it does, really really sharp! There is this issue however, I guess with the way I am doing it... I made the composition in after effects - the text title exploding, and I brought it into premier. I made it "reverse speed" so it would look like it was assembling the text out of thin air, which works fantastic. In order to "hold" the text in place so the viewer can read, I clipped a frame out of the last frame where the text was fully assembled, and extended it for about 5 seconds, then I put the clip back again, after the 5 second frame hold, and had it exploding outward - in essence making it create out of thin air, hold, and then explode in the same fashion.

The problem is, where the frame holds (that single frame that I extended) the alpha around the text turns this ugly green, until the animation resumes, upon which time it looks beautiful again..... I know that was probably the most confusing thing to explain.. but maybe someone has an idea of what Im yacking about! :)

05 May 2010, 06:56 PM
Well, again, maybe I jumped the gun. I went into the raw render files, and simply imported a frame into premier. For some reason it liked that better than me cropping one off the batch import.

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05 May 2010, 06:56 PM
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