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05 May 2010, 09:33 PM
CGRU version 1.1.0 released.

Key feature:
"Nuke network rendering"

It is an ability to send to network render several Write-nodes in a single job.
Afanasy gizmo provides Write-nodes dependency description. You can connect Afanasy gizmo to several Writes or to another Afanasy gizmo, this will describe rendering order.

For example we want to render Back, Key, Final(which depends on Back and Key) and Preview(which depends on Final):

This connections network will produce a muiti-block job with needed frame dependency:

Each Preview frame will wait the same Final frame to be rendered. Each Final frame will wait the same Back and Key frames.

This is useful on 'heavy' scenes.

Full documentation:

01 January 2011, 12:20 PM
Last enhancements:

Paths Map - Multi OS-es Render.
Every client can describe how to translate its local paths to 'server' paths. On jobs send client translates all paths to 'server'. When client receives a task from server it translates all paths from 'sever' to local. With this feature you can setup Multi-OS render farm (and workstations). An artist can submit a job from any OS and it can be rendered on all OS-es.

Movies (dailies) generation tools.
Command line (python) tool to write annotations(imagemagick) and encode(ffmpeg). GUI to use this tools (PyQt).

Nuke Dailies Gizmo.
You can create movies with special annotations and render them locally or on Afanasy farm.
This gizmo can be connected to Afanasy nodes network.

Python output filters(parsers) can produce error or warning. During output parsing you can find any error message and stop render process if it still running.

Disk IO and network traffic operations meter on MS Windows platform too.

Custom render host resource(s) meter(s). You can describe any resource meter by Python class. Render host will measure it and GUI will plot the graph.

Lots of bug fixes for Windows platform.
MS Windows clients has the same functionality and stability as Linux clients.
But there is still no server for Windows. You still need at least one Linux machine for it.

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