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09 September 2003, 08:50 PM
Hi Folks,

Im not the best at charicter modeling (I tend to gravitate toward object and environment creation), but I have made 4 lowpoly human topology meshs that I keep picking away and tweaking at. I use them as starting meshes if I want to practice working on detailing, skinning or animating.

Anyways what Ide like to do is use max script to add them as geometry that can be dragged out in the viewport.

I have used the macro recorder before to accomplish something similar (for much less complicated geometry), but to record the process of building a base charicter mesh at my skill level would probably lead to a very long ordeal as well as a very long and very inefficiant script...

Can this be done somehow, at the stage my geometry Is currently at.

Ive tried the "plug 'o' Matic" script and its a fantastic script but it forces you to convert to editable mesh, and the original topology is lost when you drag out the new charicter So it doesnt lend itself to well as starting point for charicters that will be detailed using Sub-D methods to be animated later.

I want this geometry to remain "editable poly" so the geometry can keep its current topology..

If someone might drop me a "KEY" word (something I can research on or a direction to look), or if theres possibly tut out there. It would be much appreciated.
Thanks in Advance


09 September 2003, 09:28 AM
i don't know that script you are talking about, but maybe you can dig into it and force the script to generate poly instead mesh.

what happens if you convert the mesh back into a poly with the conversation modifier?

09 September 2003, 10:07 PM
all the original quad topoligy is gone, and not simply because it was converted it seems , it looks like it was converted then optimized...cause the topology changes so drastically, and converting it back just leaves you with a editable poly that has lousy topology and probably not worthy of animating...Ill have a few more base meshes done in the weeks to come, maybe then i'll have more time to focus on maxscript. hmmm, base charicter plugiin,,,,might be of interest to others who arent overly thrilled with charicter modeling. hmmmm male and female, primitives.....ready for detailing texturing and thats all I need another project......heh

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