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05 May 2010, 02:37 AM
Please do critique :)

Is it wrong that as an aspiring generalist - I see my reel as a sum of its parts -so do you think the the variation overcome the flaws? I understand there shouldn't be any flaws, but there is some leeway for a character artists shoddy animation, but just because I'll call myself a generalist, it isn't gonna give me a free pass

Jack of all trades - master of none comes to mind!

personal rant:
It has been 5 years and I still haven't specialised, I have gotten work in small studios: some graphics for TV and some small real time studios - suited my skill set but the company work I have been making has not been great quality

I still like all areas - But I'm worried it isn't impressive being 'mediocre' in every area!
I have seen amazing work from amazing generalists

I am trying to split up this reel into categories, because I have had confused feedback from potentials wondering 'What is it that you actually do?'

I'd like to work in a awesome BIG successful production, or even continue in a smaller companies but under really great direction

so at the moment I'm a jnr/intermediate generalist willing to specialise in any area??

What can I aim for with a 'bitsy' Reel like this? strategy?

05 May 2010, 07:07 PM
I wondered why this thread didn't have any replies yet, and now i see...

you're not asking for a critique; you're asking for career counseling.

I won't tell you this isn't the place to ask for that, but I think most people are going to find it difficult to tell you what you're wanting to know.

Your work looks good!
Your models, lighting, textures, and comps all look very good.

If I had to say you looked strongest in something, or looked like you enjoyed something more than others, from the works you've posted here it seems like you enjoy compositing.

I would recommend going through good quality compositing reels, preferably from people who found with that reel, and see how and what they put together. The shots and the breakdowns.

Then go after it!

I don't really know if this is helpful advise or not though...
I am also a 3d generalist, and while I'd like to think I'm good at what I do, I still haven't found a job in the industry as any one particular thing...
I get a lot of small time freelance that incorporates a lot of generalist qualities, but nothing main stream in a specified field
I'm kinna in the same place you are...

Best of luck,

05 May 2010, 10:13 PM
I'd say the worst part of your reel is the walking robot. He aint heavy, no weight transfer in the walk cycle. I think that bit will bother viewers of your work. Ask yourself if you are making stuff to eat, or making the things you love to make. You can pick one area and go for it but to lower the risk you will have to keep your day job and study that preferred area like a madman.

I didn't much dig the music and if you look at the best reels your editing could use an extra punch. My impression was archi viz with some extra stuff thrown in.

05 May 2010, 11:30 PM
wow you guys are good!

Your thoughts really are helpful dude thanks!
Ill edit my post so its more about work critique, but YES - I consider career direction a lot T__T
Thanks about the compositing idea - I really do enjoy that - because you get awesome rendered assets and put them together making them look more awesome - that's not even work!!
Sometimes I worry I'd be bored if I just did one thing all day long for weeks at a time.
NZ industry was small so it was good to be flexible - but its blowing up - time to specialise somewhere I think ;)

its as if you see right thru me!
yup - animation is one of my worst areas
I tried to keep the editing simple as if it were clean and professional - and I used 'Helvetica' lol
I'll look at making it more interesting
I get too inspired by music - but so many songs I want to use are too 'big' for my work, I used a loop and even turned the volume down 50% - I'll rethink it again, thanks!
and you're so right about the architectural - I made that on the side - there just seemed to be a lot of architectural jobs out there - and I wondered if I could whore myself out there...

05 May 2010, 11:56 PM
If you can't animate then I'd say your options are to either take it out completely (as it's dragging your work down) or get an animator to do it, give them credit for the actual animation, and take the rest of the credit for yourself.

All the Kiwi's lurking around here as of late, it's an influx! Where'd you study, if anywhere?

05 May 2010, 05:42 AM
Your archi viz is pretty tight. That can be art also.

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05 May 2010, 05:42 AM
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