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View Full Version : Forum Guidelines - please read before posting

05-05-2010, 11:49 AM
In an effort to encourage more insightful, constructive and above all useful critiques and discussions between artists, we're re-launching this Focused Critiques forum.

This forum is for artists who are seeking in-depth advice from others. It is not simply another avenue for you to spam your work - you should post here only if you're willing to accept critique, even if it's harsh. Please consider this carefully before posting.

You may post WIP images, or your WIP demo reel. Please note that this forum is not for finished works, it is for works in progress. 2D and 3D works are welcome.

In keeping with the spirit of this forum, a few house rules are in order:

All threads and posts to this forum require validation before they appear on the forum itself. This is to ensure suitability and constructiveness.

In keeping with the above, don't even bother posting fanboy fluff or troll remarks, because you're just going to be wasting a moderator's time. "You're awesome!!!1" or "You suck" are not valid critiques.

Artists posting work should provide as much information as possible. Please don't post a shot accompanied with "plz crit". Explain yourself properly, discuss your goals with the work, mention what software you're using, and highlight any particular issues you're seeking guidance with.

Similarly, please don't post threads with vague titles. A thread titled "my new wip plz comment" isn't descriptive. "Horse WIP - need anatomy advice" would be better.

Please post decent quality shots of your work. Small, blurry little images are of no use to anyone. Likewise, posting a question with absolutely no image is of no use either.

While it may be necessary to post numerous images in a single post to show your work, please avoid posting loads of images simultaneously. Also, please stick with one subject per thread - do not post loads of images from your entire portfolio in a single thread.

The entire point of this forum is about open communication between the artists and other forum members. Your thread will be removed if you do not respond to posted replies in a timely fashion. Posting a thread asking for critiques, and then never bothering to acknowledge them goes against everything that this forum is meant to be for.

Please do not post threads advertising your personal websites.

Disce aut Discede.