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09 September 2003, 03:55 PM
Hey people !

Been following the recent challenges in awe, blown away by the stuff you people pull off. :applause:

This time, even if it's a bit late in the running, i've decided to participate. Do not have the necessary skills or know-how to finish this, but hope that it'll be a valuable learning experience that will someday get me to a level close to yours.

Any way, my idea is this :
The finished entry will consist of a total of 4 different shots, 3 of which are quick shots of the convoi passing through the woods, whereas the fourth shot is the final, taking place in the clearing, where it all comes together. I have gotten as far as to make a sketch of a hovering ferriswheel. It will consist of 6 of the ships, the remaining 4 will be sketched later. Some of you might say that this is not the most nightmarish ferriswheel in all of history, and you would be right.. that's why i'm counting on the remaining 4 ships to add a scary flavour. That's about as far as i've gotten as of right now, but hope to get some dark and gloomy footage by this weekend. Will have to do a day for night shot.. so if anybody out there have advice, tutorials or ideas, i'm all ears..

Good luck to each and every one :thumbsup:

09 September 2003, 05:51 PM
those look nice. I like the look of the crafts that will form the wheel. Reminds me just a little of the cars in Minority Report.... a little. I don't really know much about taking day footage and making it look like night, so sorry I can't help you there, but if anyone does know some good ways of doing that, I'm interested too. Keep up the good work, hope you can get finished

09 September 2003, 12:44 PM
Between work and a HD failure (that's wiped away files 2 years back) I've not found the energy, optimism or time to do anything on the project. Two valuable lessons have been learned:

1. Begin a project in good time
2. Backup, backup, backup...

Untill next time... :eek:

P.s. if anyone have some tutorials or info on how to day-for-night, please share..

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