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04 April 2010, 04:59 PM
-----Nevermind, my first question was answered. (Check the 'Process Environment' box under exposure.)
The Vue objects that are in front of 3dsmax objects render white on my machine where they overlap, when using the MR daylight system and exposure control. Everything else looks pretty good, (except for that pesky gamma problem.)

I can get rid of the white spots if I don't use the MR lights and exposure control, but then I canít light my 3dsmax objects properly without the MR lighting setup, right? Not to mention being unable to use interior lights that use IES files. I suppose I could composite the two renderings, but do I really need to?

My settings:
I'm using a MR daylight system, with the skylight set to None. A standard max skylight set to 'use scene environment,' as I MAKE U suggested here:

MR exposure activated, set to 15. Vue set to use physical sky, intensity at 45,000. Vue to match native lights, disconnected from host Final Gather. ----

But my gamma question remains:
Also, is there any way to change all Vue materials and atmosphere to use gamma in xStream 8.4, or or do we still have to go through all of the material nodes to gamma correct the rendering? Thanks!

04 April 2010, 01:22 PM
Thanks to Dani for answering this one: Just check 'Process Background and Environment Maps' under the 3dsmax Exposure Control.

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