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04-27-2010, 10:07 AM
( is a concept transportation system crafted by combining the surfing and the skate facility. The rider can enjoy the ultimate speed on the wheels and can do some surfing acrobatics at the same time. While the wheels can rotate on almost any type of surface, the plate will rotate in its interior independently. It is like pushing by a wave continuously. Initially, the rider will have to acquire the abilities to dominate the control of these wheels on any kind of lands and at the same time learning to keep balance inside the wheels is a must. Therefore, all range of adventure lovers will like the combination of these two sports activities when riding on LOOP.

04-27-2010, 08:10 PM
on the left hand side i think you'll need to completely re do that background and create your you have on the right. I recognize that as Gary Tonge's Future City ( concept work..

04-28-2010, 01:43 AM
Very nice design. I agree this is fantastic work. Although this design has been created before. Do you have any other thumbs?

04-28-2010, 02:24 AM
Not that I'm a judge or anything but, I'd say this one breaks the rules, Maybe resubmit it with a new new background :)

04-28-2010, 04:23 AM
The first impression of the design that I felt is I had seen it some where on net. So, I went to google search and found this futuristic-round-car (, no wrorries, is different design but way too similar. No offence, just a suggestion, perhaps it would be better if you can make it 4 or 3 wheels or either re-edit the core shape not so round or even a egg shape.

04-29-2010, 01:49 AM
The concept is already done by several designers, mono and two-wheel. Also you can see concept art about this in exposé mag number 1 (inside and back cover) by richard green. Anyway about invention some people say everything is already invented... I think originality and concept creativity is the key.
Regarding this particular work maybe one shot with a good composition is better than two cropped.
Good luck to every one.

05-02-2010, 05:36 PM
It also shows a slight resemblance to Mr Garrison's 'It' :) Although that was one wheeled. Good job anyway.

05-06-2010, 06:51 AM
Yeah along with the orange a lot of people are loving that open whell design (which is just I've seen it alot out side of this contest) so my only critique would be to put in to a singular sceen.

05-10-2010, 08:43 AM
It´s a very nice idea, but be sure to make your image 100% original. I don´t want you to be disqualified. :beer:

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