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04 April 2010, 03:35 PM
I have a scene with about 7 different render layers. When i open the scene file it looks fine, but when i switch between render layers, weird things start to happen like materials don't get assigned and i'm left which a bunch of objects that are wireframe without materials assigned. I get the following error.

This is really a pain and its preventing me from rendering. Anyone know how to fix this?

// Warning: Node 'New_Bar:pCylinderShape77.instObjGroups[0]': cannot make assignment to 'New_Bar:surfaceShader6SG' shader. //
// Error: Connection not made: 'New_Bar:pCylinderShape77.instObjGroups[0]' -> 'New_Bar:surfaceShader6SG.dagSetMembers[-1]'. Source node will not allow the connection. //

04 April 2010, 04:59 PM
bad news first: you'll probably have to rebuild your render layers.

there's a few other big threads about this if you search the forums for "connection not made" or whatever the error is.

90% of the time the problem is per-face shading. objects become shaded per-face if you select faces and apply shaders to them (never do this) or if you have two individually shaded objects that you later combine. if you right-click the material in the hypershade and "select objects by material" and an object's faces light up instead of the full object, you have per-face shading, and this will eventually kill your render layers no matter what.

i wrote a script to help deal with this... it's here:

there are a few other things that can cause this. if you are referencing and using render layers, it's pretty easy for the connections to go bad. you'd have to unload the reference, remove all reference edits (Clean Up Reference in the editor) and then reload it. if you were referencing at one point, using shared render layers, and then imported from references, you'll just have to delete all your render layers and start over. or, if you're using references, and the referenced scene has namespaces in it, you should remove them from the referenced scene (look on for ks_nameSpaceManager).

good luck...

04 April 2010, 05:13 PM
Hey thanks for taking the time to reply.

I believe my problem is referencing. I have my main environment scene with all of the render layers in it, and im just referencing that, and my character files into one file (e.g. shot_001.mb), so that my shot files only have references.

So would I just remove my scene references and re-reference them? or should i import them? I dont want to un-reference my character because of all the animation i have already done. Am i still safe?

04 April 2010, 05:26 PM
you could use the animImportExport plugin to save your anim curves in case you have to clean up your references, which you will probably have to do. or create a geometry cache (but save a backup of your scene first).

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