View Full Version : Is it possible to output hardware representation of fluids?

04 April 2010, 05:58 PM
is it possible to cache the display particle representation of fluids?



04 April 2010, 06:12 AM
you mean the wireframe diplay > particle representation of the fluid ?
NO you cant output it to any of our renderer as far as I know...
But I have two workaround :

1. render them as playblast (setting ur fluid in a wireframe display mode) & in playblast settings set ur format to .iff.
normally even the playblast gives a good aplha info of fluid with shaded mode but in wireframe display mode it willl little hard to read or see the alpha properly.
I have`nt tried comping it but u can try at ur end.
the other drawback with these method is the particles will be very jumpy or popping & u cant change the radius of those wireframe display particles.

2. By advecting particle with fluid (works for maya 2009/2010 or below).
Actually what I did at work was I had a 2dfluid container & I needed exact representation of particle display So what I ended up doing is I created a big particle emitter exactly as same size of the 2d fluid container & emitted good amount of particles with conserve zero & set the intial state.
Now afer setting intial state, stop emitting it futher more & advect the particle with fluid as field applied on it.
so you will notice not all the particles will move only those which gets the velocity from the fluid will move.
so what one can do is to write a expression on radiussPP such as particles which gets accelarated or speed only those radius should be visible rest should have zero radius.
I think I also used voxel info command to query those particles with respect to each voxel but i dont remember how i used it but i had success in displaying fluid as a particle.
fortunately I have tht file at work & will let u know by tomorrow of how I did.

If you are using maya 2011 the advection has improved a lot & u might not need to do those radiusPP operattions on it. so give a try & let us know how it works.


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04 April 2010, 06:12 AM
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