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09 September 2003, 11:33 PM
I'm planning on making my first car at the moment.

I have a jpeg of a mazda mx5. But when i put it in the background of the 3d window to work off, blender gets extreemly slow. Is this avoidable? I want to use this method to create humans too, so i have a template right infront of me to bulid onto.

Currently I just load up the image then trace the edges with bezier curves and circles, then make a mesh with those beziers.

Does anyone know of any better methods or the solution to the laggy image problem?

Help appreciated.:)

09 September 2003, 03:35 AM
Hi Jezait,

you can map your jpeg to a plane with the uv editor(retroscope).

1. goto front veiw and add a plane

2. "tab" key out of edit mode and then press "F" key(face mode)

3. split the 3d window and in one of the windows place your
cursor and press "Shift + F10" (uv map) and hit "load",
find your jpeg and select with "MMB"

4.with your curser still in the uv window press "A" key,
(verts yellow) , now with the "S" key(scale), "G" key
(grab) and "R" key(rotate) position your jpeg on to

5. put your crsor back in the 3d window and press"Alt +Z"
add a 2nd plane and do a side veiw following the same steps.

hope this helps,


09 September 2003, 06:10 PM
Actually, both ways (background image / rotoscope) will be slow. One could be slightly faster than the other depending on your machine. Of course the rotoscope way is more convenient since you can work with just one window and rotate it as you need and *most importat* you can zoom in/out the view wiithout problems.

With the background way, either your complete your model using allways the same zoom level or you will have to keed and extra eye on your proportions. Because when you change the zoom, the model and the backgroung image are zoomed to slighty different degrees.... discovered it the hard way :(

If you are experimenting speed problems with images within Blender, there is a 99% chance that the problem comes from your OpenGL drivers.... Updating your drivers somtimes can give you improvements over 60% on speed... once I got a 300% speed increment just by changing from the default video driver that came with the computer to one made by the video card manufacturer. Microsoft home-made drivers (the ones that come with Windows) are know to be extremly slow on that departmen.

Blender does a heavy use of OpenGL accelration, so your video card have a great influence over the general speed of the program.

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