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04 April 2010, 09:48 PM
Hello fellow CG Artists.

The JAWS Effect 'Quint's Song' is in need of riggers of a professional standard working in Maya.
This is a Collab Project.

Ideally, we need artists within a time zome that will not cause any complications or delays with the project, however we will accept anyone who will be reliable. Mainly we are based in the Southern part of the UNited Kingdom, all around London, but also some of us are in Europe.
We need someone that is reliable and is able to work with us on a regular basis. This project is very laid back, working at a smooth pace. So you will not be pressured. =]
A reel is preferred, but not necessary as we will want you to run some test demos instead.
We use either MSN or Skype to chat, so a web cam will be needed.

What we need:
-Barrel & Rope: In the famous JAWS movie, the Great White (known as Bruce) is pierced with a harpoon tip that is attached to a rope with a barrel concealed with air at the end. The rope will need to be dynamic, and attuned for both environments. In water and out of the water. Meaning, e.g. a bit of rope fluently moving as it would look in water, and effect of gravity out of the water.

- Chain Links: A very large, heavy peice of meat, with a steel hook impaled is linked to a long steel chain, wrapped around the meat, and is tied to a fixed object. This will be swaying due to the wind/sea movement. We are in need of someone to set this up dynamically for interation. e.g. Rigid Bodies, Point Constaints etc...
Whatever you see fit.

- Rigging - Shark Sucker (Sucker Fish): On the side of Bruce. We are in need of a full working rig, including the opening and closing of the mouth. Fully contrallable, with scalability. The fish will need to move like a fish, so it needs to be riggedso the fins can flow smoothly.

View the video to give you an idea.

Bruce will need to be rigged, but first we will like to see how you fit in to the team.

If you are interested, please contact DAZZAN @


04 April 2010, 07:56 AM
Hi Dazzan!
I would like to offer myself for the rigger position. I have good machine with cam and skype, etc..
For more Information see my portfolio.

04 April 2010, 08:10 PM
Prem ,sent you a pm back.

Glad you have cam & skype !

Welcome aboard, will let the guys know on the thread !

Position Filled !


Chat soon


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04 April 2010, 08:10 PM
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