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04 April 2010, 05:36 PM
Hey guys I am new to CG Talk! I'm a recent graduate from the Art Institute of Phoenix. I am currently working for a company that makes combat simulators for the military and police departments in Tempe Az but my long term goal is to become a 3D artist at a video game company and i've heard how many experienced artists are here so i figured i could learn a lot from you guys/girls. I have used Zbrush for about a year, i've only just started getting good with it in the last few months, I model in Max, and i use Photoshop for my texture work.

I wanted to post my latest project that is for work. I am creating characters for the simulator in a middle eastern setting. I am shooting for as photo real as possible with this piece. I usually do more stylized work so i am not used to making photo real textures/sculpts just yet and any tips, tricks, links, or tutorials you might have for me in that area i would love! My poly budget is roughly game art standards so im shooting for 3-5,000 polys. Hit me up. Tear my work apart please!

The Zbrush sculpt:

The Low Poly:

Texture Progress:
Side Note - The little dark spot is a rendering error that's not actually part of the texture

04 April 2010, 10:03 PM
Hey Clint,

Your model is off to a great start I think. I like the look of your hands, and the folds in the cloth around his arms look believable as well. His face is looking good but since you mentioned that you're going for photo realism, I think you should study some photos of other arabian men to try and capture that in the texture a little more. Also, he is looking kind of tubular from the waist down. I realise he is in a T pose but it might affect how he deforms. Finally, I'm not sure at what stage of your modeling your are at but the feet still feel a little blocky at the moment. Which is surprising because your hands look so good. Best of luck, keep up the good work clint. ;)

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04 April 2010, 10:03 PM
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