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04 April 2010, 12:24 PM
I have modeled and rigged my own character and imported it into the Unreal engine.

Can anybody please give me some constructive feedback.

Please see my video on the link below as well for first and third person in game views

Thank you

04 April 2010, 12:07 PM
Hey spud1029,

You should definitly study the Anatomy of a female Body and use alot of refference Material to build your Character.

The Proportions are off, looks like you used male anatomy as a ref.
The Arms look like flat extruded cylinders. There is much more structure in that:

Shoulders, neck, waist, forehead and lower legs/feet are the main areas you should rework to make the character look like a female.

Sure there are different kinds of woman but I assume if you're doing a half naked one that she should actualy should have some kind of attractive look.

Of course there are exceptions:
But still this exception does not have male anathomy.

The other thing is Polydistribution:

You used alot of polys on the face, the breasts and the belt, while you used very few polys on the legs and the arms for example.

Then again you used alot of polys for very small details which could be done by texture like the bellybutton. Those polys are more or less wasted because you wouldn't see a difference if you just would texture it, specialy for a fast-moving UT3 character. If you need depth for such little details you should use a Normalmap rather than modeling everything out.

General rule should be that your model should have a equal distribution of polys. This does not mean that you can't use more Polys on the face if it will be seen up close, but the difference should never be this big. For Areas that will bend when animated there should also be some extra polys to keep things smooth.

For textures you should work on the seams and add more depth to the skin. Use fotoref material but don't just paste it on your model.

I realise that it might be too late for this character as you already did all the UV and bone asigning and you would have to redo almost everything in order to rework the proportions of your model.
But maybe if you're starting a new model you could post it from the start so you could improve your model without having to go back and forth.


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04 April 2010, 12:07 PM
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