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04-06-2010, 08:40 PM
Esteban Tovagliari is working on an Open Source Compositor and I thought to post a notice over here to bring some attention to the effort. It is a Node based tool, similar to others, but being Open Source it has important potential, check it out at http://ramenhdr.sourceforge.net/. There is a blog at http://ramenhdr.blogspot.com/ and a discussion at https://sourceforge.net/projects/ramenhdr/forums/forum/983401/topic/3655754/index/page/1 where I have been discussing trying to compile a Windows version, as it is currently only released in Linux, but Esteban did have it running on Windows earlier in the development cycle. I am limited in my knowledge of how to get the CMake dependencies working cleanly, so someone more knowledgeable would be welcomed. Download the current version and give it a go.

04-06-2010, 10:35 PM
Wow, this program looks promissing. But it is really at the beginning. I tried it with a sample scene and it seems there're no hotkeys.. there is a lot of work to do.. but I will following this one.


04-07-2010, 02:30 AM
Check out the Wiki at https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ramenhdr/index.php?title=Main_Page, for some more information. I will ask the developer if there are more hotkeys available or whether there is a configuration editor for this aspect. Yes this is the beginning stages, but the developer seems to have been in the field for awhile and has a good vision of the direction for the development.

04-16-2010, 12:46 AM
Recent update to a new version, with feature growth, particularly in the area of user interface. There is a new open recent menu, compositions can be opened by double clicking them on OSX, a new panel
with video controls (rewind, play, ...) and some improvements in the animation editor. Separate from the developers work, I am still working on the Win32 compile, when I am not buried in client "stuff." If anybody else has CMake experience and wants to help the port, please jump in.

10-27-2010, 07:40 AM
He closed the Ramen project.


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10-27-2010, 07:40 AM
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