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09 September 2003, 06:38 PM
Well, Im taking at wack at point modelling again...dont you love when you get inspired and start modelling? this is 2 hours of work
:) I am actually starting to like this method for detailed things like a modelling just wouldnt seem right...then again Im new to both methods!
Can anyone tell who it is yet?
I doubt it...
anyway, man am I having troubles with the nostrils! Any tips on how to make them, from what you can see of my wireframe? I dont even want to think about ears!
..also having trouble with the chin...


09 September 2003, 06:57 PM
Not bad, but you have to look to the cheek and wrinkles around the mouth too. check also for some references about the mesh for resolving that zone .
In inside Lw 6 and 7 by Ablam there is a great poly by poly tut for a female head.:scream:

for nostrils you can smshift them to the side, and then work the nose zone to sm shift the nostrils holes as well.

09 September 2003, 08:02 PM
i gues thats Lara Croft .. she never had nostrils, that poor girl. :)

never heard of point modeling...can you enlighten me on that one.
anyway i would recommend taking a look on the "Topology research" thread on chtalk , because you have some problem there i think.

good luck

09 September 2003, 09:18 PM
Hillary Clinton....

Good start so far.

09 September 2003, 09:37 PM
hehe thanks guys....nope not Hilary nor Angelina...younger actress....hehe looks nothing like her without eyes and the rest of her head!

yeah, edge loops...whoo, man I just cant grasp them.
you modelers out there, man I give you 'props'...this is alot harder than it looks...

Im thinking realism should be left to the masters out there (theres too many already!)...or perhaps 'Subd noobs'(me) need to go for cartoony characters first, just to get the modeling skills down, then try for realism...its just too hard right out the gate!

09 September 2003, 11:50 PM
Originally posted by amorano
Hillary Clinton....

Good start so far.

LOL! cann't be; she has the horns missing:scream:

09 September 2003, 02:54 PM
good start...try looking as some of these for reference:

09 September 2003, 03:11 PM
Hi Howard

I personally prefere this point/poly-by-poly method for modelling faces before boxmodelling. I find myself having alot more controll over the shape this way (not saying there is anything wrong with going box-style).

I think you are on a good start with your head, but below the nose things seem to get a bit messy and I suggest you remove some polys and redo that part.
I made a little image with a few suggestions for your face.

I hope you get some ideas and inspiration from this =)

The alignment of the ploys are truly important and as Nemoid suggested, have a look at others complete meshes. Then of course there are plenty of good tuts on this subject. The Alban-tut mentioned is a good one I think.

Here is an image of my latest head for reference if you like.

And a little demonstration of the importance of careful and determined alighnments of polys.
Especially in the chin and cheek-areas to get the mouth to deform in a satisfying way.

And a little rule of thumb: keep the polycount low!
This goes for both photoreal and toony faces. At least if you plan to be able to deform your model in any way.

Regarding your nostrils I think you have a few polys there to work with. Some smoothshifting will be of use, but i recommend that you leave that until you have a solid mesh for the complete face (not the entire head). It might happen that you find you need to add or (better) remove geometry that runs through that area and that will be much easier to adjust if havenīt started to build out on the nose already.

Hope this can be of help and inspiration

Good luck

09 September 2003, 03:36 PM
Thanks Proton and Chagidiel!

Yeah, I started with the eye, and went out from there...and everything was going nice and smooth until the cheeks got to the nose and mouth!
Funny that you notice...because I just dove in and took no approach, and hadnt done this kind of modelling in a while....

here is a nose I tried this weekend...not great but I had to try! ungh..what a bitch this is! The 2nd is a fresh from scratch nose...a little better, but nostrils...oyyyyy! I definitely need to start over and make her right.

after reading more about proper planning and loops I think Im getting a grasp....kinda :)
Chagidiel, your images are great thanks! I see what you mean with the loops and the mouth.
box modeling is great too, but you have more control with point!
im sure ill develop a style that starts box then goes to pt for details..isnt that what you pros do?
modelling is fun! but man is it time consuming.., im drained!
more 'props' to you modelers!

Thanks for taking time to help!

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