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03 March 2010, 11:23 AM
Just a quick test I threw together to help another thread out-

Some very cool fx can be created this way ;)

03 March 2010, 10:08 PM
Its an ncloth plane, using an attract to matching mesh (or component to component will work if mesh doesnt exactly match) and a tearable mesh constraint.

Make your plane, make a dup.
Make plane1 cloth and then attach it to plane2 with either attract or compnent constraint.
Now you can deform and animate plane 2 however you like, and plane 1 follows.
Add fields, stir in a bowl for 5 minutes... ;)
Now simply feed ramps into the nComponents Glue Strength to control the goal to plane2.
You can animate them, add noise to them, whatever you desire...
Repeat by selecting the cloth, adding a tearable mesh constraint, feed in the ramps.

Easy, done! Lets see what cool results you crazy kids come up with ;)


04 April 2010, 09:00 AM
wow, very usefull~

thank you!

04 April 2010, 01:14 AM
Yes, very cool. I used the same technique to level a house with a tornado.

sample video (

12 December 2010, 12:41 PM
thanks to all

keep in mind im burning cloth in random place ....
if im burning cloth with using ncloth method i.e. animated ramp attaching to transparency of shader and then applying shader to ncloth surface material , then emit particle from animated ramp texture which is also applied to transparency so we will get burning effect with particles or we can emit fluid from those particle.

then how to achieve some pieces of cloth falling down while burning ? is that possible with help of procedural texture map(animated ramp which is also applied to transparency ) which can be apply to glue strength or something so some cloth pieces will fall down ???

12 December 2010, 01:59 PM
this is what i come up with

I still don't have control over shape of teared surfaces, looks too edgy and not shrunk.

while pieces falling down i need some of them carry fire along with them but as i followed 2dfluidtexture to emit density on cloth using 3dfluid container ,falling pieces not taking fire along with them while going down,they just following path as I given to 2dfluidtexture .

however there are many other shading network problm while doing this.....

i.e. ncloth tearable strength texture attr. not taking 2dfluidtexture ....................

guys please help or do add comment ........

thank you so muchhhhhhhh.

12 December 2010, 05:21 PM
Thanks HowardM, this was usefull.

12 December 2010, 09:58 PM
Youre welcome.

BTW - this scene is outdated, but still can be useful in some cases. But its easier to just use Input Mesh Attract and ramps/textures to make the Cloth follow another (the original) object in other cases.

Ill do an updated mini tutorial soon ;)

Moreffect - not completely sure how you tore your object, but it looks like the standard unwelding of every poly? Its better to pre tear the object so you have better control of shapes falling, but you may not want that much detail. You need different ramps/textures for different things, lots of layers to be controlled for a complex effect like yours.
If youre using 2011 you can shrink pieces as they fall using Rest Length Maps. Or as others have said, use ramps/textures to make them transparent and 'shrink'
Also as others have mentioned, one way to make the fire on the falling pieces is to emit particles off them as they fall, again controlled by another ramp, then emit fluids from them...

Havent tried it, but of course now will have to ;) , to see if there are easier ways now in 2011 to skip the particle part...

Im sure someone else who knows Fluids better than I can tell you...

Read the posts on this forum as there are tons of tips :)

12 December 2010, 09:35 AM
thx Howard for ur instant reply,
I appreciated your every reply .... :rolleyes:

look i tore it with d help of texture maps which kinda animated ,however i looking detail realistic tear ,which is more like smooth on d edges ......

As you said pre tear the object to get better control on pieces falling ,my tearing will be so static on cloth rather I'm looking for gradually falloff of tear with some grouped pieces with rounded shape just like happens in real.

12 December 2010, 02:11 PM

Moreffect- again do some research on how to pre tear models, then you will get what you want.

or watch this space over next few weeks, may have some time to whip some examples/tuts up... ;)

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