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09 September 2003, 08:59 PM
Hi all!

I'm here for some Constructive Critisicm. Something wrong with my model? Then say it. Please. I'm not here to feel good about myself. I'm here to learn and hopefully become as good as many poeple here are. I want to learn and am willing to put time and effort into it.

Character Info:

What he is: Unsure. Right now I am calling him the Barbarian dwarf. For those of you familiar with LOTR, you will remember the Uruk-Hai (especially the ones in the movie). He is supposed to be based on those. A short version of those. However since barbarians are usually large, he is taller than most dwarfs. They are a very hardy race, they can survive in the hot sun without water for 4 days.

Character Background: A mean vicous warrior, he lives in a hot desert like environment. Something like say Arizona around the Grand Canyon area. He could be classified as a carnivore since he only eats vegetables if he has to. He also eats his meat raw since he does not have the utensils to eat it. His favored weapon is the axe. He an his tribe spend rarely reach the an age above 30 since most die in combat with either animals or in vicous battles with opposing tribes.

This is my second attempt at a humanoid. I am modeling in Maya 4.0.

Let me know if you need more views. I uploaded this one a few days ago and since my computer is having troubles I couldn't get a few other ones. I'll post more when I have a chance:

09 September 2003, 09:15 PM
First off are you modeling to ref pics? This can help a lot especially when dealing with characters. At this point I'm kinda unsure where exactly you're going with this character, I read your description but I'm not sure how that reflects in your character design. I'll tell you what helps me though, use reference material. It doesn't even have to be a drawing just pictures of various body parts can help. Also I like to model the different parts of the body and then join them together. I think in that way you can concentrate on details more easily. That appears to be the smoothed version, can we see close ups of your low rez control cage. Good luck and keep at it.

09 September 2003, 09:42 PM
Slow down....take your time....
There is no rush..
Dont try to force things to come to you...pretend you are following them backwards through time.
You already know what you want in the model so start with that vision and work back to it.

09 September 2003, 11:02 PM
I agree with getting reference. Go get a wrestling magazine or one on body building since that is what your discription means to me.

Your biggest problem is you don't know enough anatomy. The abs only have 6 "plates" or bulges not 8. You have the abs connected to the chest but the edge of the rib-cage (between them) is missing.

Your proportions are also off. The usual measurement is in heads. The average person is 8 heads high. So starting with the actual head count 7 more down... yours in out of proportions.

The usual count is this...

1 head. the actual head

neck is 1/2 head long.

2 heads. the nipples on the chest or breast.

chest ends a little under the nipples

edge of rib cage is at the mid point roughly

abs also start at end of ribcage.

3 heads. the belly button.

4 heads. the groin and end of the finger tips. From shoulder to here is length of arm.

5~8 is legs. Knee is usally at 6 heads and ankles at 7 1/2 heads. feet are 1/2 head high.

Shoulders are 2 heads across (top to bottom of head)

these are the usual proportions I was taught. If you want him

You are making a barbarian so you might want to make him 7 heads tall. (take missing size from legs. the knee you always place in middle of total length of groin to heel.)

make him 3 heads wide at shoulder. body and trunk make 2 heads wide. these proportions will make him nice and thick.

I'd give you a link to body reference but I can't find the link. One of those days I guess. Anyway find a reference and take a good look at where the ribs, collar, neck etc all join together. notice how the neck is 1/2 a head high but part of that is sinking into chest and how the back muscles come up to join the neck making it actually shorter. Make sure the pecs flow into the shoulders.

I would try to rough out the proportions better before going any further.

hope this helps,


anyone have a link to the figure reference sites to help him with?

09 September 2003, 11:39 PM
check out these links... excellent ref material... i think it'll help you a lot

very interesting char modeling approach and fanatic setup :)

and this... this is one GREAT resource... don't miss it at any cost...

hope this helps... :)

09 September 2003, 01:37 AM
Thanks for all the awesome information. I'm very new at modeling, and I realize I have made a lot of mistakes. I hope to have another update in a few days!

I didn't really use reference pics for this model. I drew something to help me out with proportions, but I am not the best drawer. The main thing I used references for is the head, which is based on the Lurtz character from Fellowship of the Ring.

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