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03 March 2010, 09:48 AM
There once used to be a small but beautiful blue rock somewhere within the vast void of the universe. Life appeared on its crust relatively fast and as usual through out the evolution, one of the species dominated the rest, by forming complex societies to overcome its primordial survival needs. The dominant inhabitants progressed technologically, excelled in many different fields within their closed society and managed to build establishments on every corner of the planet's terrain. But during the process of solving these initial problems and building their dream utopia, more problems would arise faster than before, making their daily lives gradually more and more complicated. The time came when their overcomplicated society demanded so much devotion, that they stopped questioning other, more fundamental issues. It was then, when they even stopped looking up the heavens. The sky that once used to inspire and guide them will now bring them disaster and Erebus...

Erebus is a personal project I've just finished. It started two years ago, as a desire to work on a short film again, which I hadn't done since university times with Theros ( It began as a short term and mostly visually driven project. Working full time in VFX, it was really hard to find the time and mood to work on it. I took a long break from work, moved back to Athens and finally managed to finish it.
Now that this is over, I am looking for work again as an FX-TD, ideally in Vancouver starting this summer. Any suggestions please drop me a line via my site ( or pm.

watch Erebus on Vimeo (

better quality downloads:
1080p (x264 mp4 250mb) (
720p (x264 mp4 85mb) (
540p (x264 mp4 60mb) (
404p (x264 mp4 35mb) (

Thank you for watching!

*the 1080 version may disappear soon because of bandwidth issues. Any available mirrors would be highly appreciated.

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03 March 2010, 09:48 AM
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