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03 March 2010, 04:23 PM
i am trying to go from vue + cd4 + unity3d but it reverses faces in unity. i took it to vue to sketchup + reverse faces + unity works fine but the detail is lost.

what can i do?

03 March 2010, 06:10 AM
is it random or can you use the reverse normals tool in c4d?
What kind of objects are you working with? are you using xstream?
anything from vue should also have the points merged (optimize in c4d), pretty sure none the polys are connected.

03 March 2010, 10:54 PM
i am using vue 8 xstream 64bit. it happens all the time. among other problems.

my purpose for vue: 1. create terrain for use in Unity 3d. 2. create texture map (detailed) texture map for unity 3d. 3. create assets (rocks and trees)

1. the reversed faces, not a big deal i if can use the reverse normals.
2. whenever i try to export the alpha files for texturing it freezes the program it says it will take 4-5 hours to complete but locks at about 2.7%. (is my compu too weak to do this?)
3. the texture that is included in the .3ds file look nothing like the the render, which i what i want. how do i get that exact UV map of the render.
3. if i export the file on highest res it divides it nicely into around 24 parts which is nice for unity since it only allows for 6200 vertices are something at a time i just connect the pieces later,

compu stats: vista home premium
intel core duo cpu t6500 @ 2.10 Ghz
4.00 gb ram
nvidia geforce 9600m gt

I really need the texture map.

is there a way to just get the texture map of the world without the object file or to save them separately?

random questions:

what if i want to make zones like world of warcraft?

is there a way to create something to smoothly connect the random generated worlds?

example: if i want to use a strata for one zone make a plane for another and then make a rocky mountain terrain,and a desert etc, i will be making a very big world.

03 March 2010, 07:48 PM
Have you tried baking the vue objects to polygons before exporting? Think the freezes are part of a bugged operation. Might have better luck baking the trees to polys in xstream and using the c4d "make editable" command on the proxies instead of export. All maps can be saved from the standalone texture panel, by the layers panel.

For the terrain textures you may have better luck rendering out images from a top view camera, with the focal really high to remove the perspective as much as possible. This would also require an atmosphere without fog or haze. You can also ignore the lighting and atmos in the material.
If the terrain is procedural and not painted, you can use the custom output from the terrain altitude to control a black to white gradient color map, and render it on a cube. Use the numeric preview and a map filter to constrain the altitude output to -1 to 1. Save as an exr and it makes a perfect displacement map with no pixel limitation.

for exporting the c4d format seems to work best, at least in c4d. 3ds files are always broken up and require quite a bit of editing.

to zone the terrains I would suggest placing them next to each other in vue and using the preview scene view to match the terrains as best you can. then piece them together manually. another option is to line up all the terrains, then replace the terrain materials with a gradient controlled by the altitude of the objects, you can then render out one large displacement map, i normally do this when I am piecing a scene together with a bunch of terrains.
You could also piece together a procedural terrain with displacement images, offsetting each image to line up, and turning off the repeat options.

03 March 2010, 12:52 PM
thank you so much for your aid, i am testing out everthing as we speak!!!

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