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03 March 2010, 10:03 PM
Alright, here's the deal.

I am currently working on an animation, the background will be a wood plank with a lot of wood grain (lines), those lines will turn into sketches of people, maintaining the appreance of a wood plant. The people on the wood will be animated.

Now, I am in a pickle, because I am not so sure how to get there. I got this idea:

Draw all the animations in 2d. Keeping in mind to use the outlines as part of the wood grain.
Once that is done treat each frame in Photoshop to give it a wood grain look. Then composite those frames into a blank (without grain) wood texture, that way I could kinda fake the effect.

Any ideas? I bet there's way better ideas out there.

I was also looking for some reference videos and pics, but still can't find any.

(Gotta make it clear, that I'm not trying to make carved look-like drawings, I need to reshape the natural lines (grain) of the wood.)

Any ideas on how to do this, will be much appreciated :). I am capable of doing 2D, 3D, or just about anything animated. Just need to figure out how on this one.

Edit ---------------------

So far I've been studying good grain, understanding it and see how to work its natural flow on my advantage.

The rings grow from the center as the tree grows, it forms the grain with the passing of the years, Each tree has a different way of growing, so the grain will form different on each tree, though the common denominator they all have is that all shapes formed by the tree are cylindrical (excluding leaves), thus creating rings from the center to the outside of those cylinders, may it be a branch or the trunk.

When the tree is cut vertically we have a constant lines going across the wood.

But if you cut the wood on an angle, the wood will form ovals, we don't see the entire oval rings most of the time because the wood is later cut in planks and most of the big shape is lost.

I gotta stay away from things like this....

This is going to be a hard project no doubt. :)


This is a great view that helps to understand what I'm talking about :)

03 March 2010, 03:32 PM
study added

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