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03 March 2010, 04:23 AM
As you all can see, my name is Zero12Three45. I am a junior at The Pennsylvania State University and am taking a Game Art class. I am currently researching the process of game development and the outcome of games over the years. My personal project is to establish a link of communication to a large community in regards to gaming while asking the question, "What makes a great game?" As broad of a question that is, the answer should be very simple. My understanding of video games is that the industry lacks ideas. Because of this, we often get a number of sequels to great selling and sometimes not so great selling games. The Dynamics and Aesthetics of these games often remain the same. Updated graphics and a new story often contribute to making the game a "new" experience. Gaming has begun to mesh with the film industry as story telling has been the focal point of game narration. Hours of cutscenes litter our games leaving with minutes of gameplay. Now straight to the point. In this class, my goal is to take these observations and create a new gaming experience be it successfully or not. I am taking a previously developed title and character well known in the gaming industry to manipulate the aging gameplay mechanics in order to generate a whole new exciting experience while staying somewhat true tot he franchise. I have selected Bomberman as my focus in this project. A well known character for blowing up things, this game hasn't added too much to the original Bomberman experience thus each game nearly plays similar to one another. Now...

What I am asking the community is this. What about the game Bomberman is still enjoyable and what is not. This is in reference to classic versions and updated versions for current generation consoles. What gameplay mechanics would you like to see added/removed to change the experience. There is no wrong answer here. My game development is based off of the majority idea and answer. One goal set for this project is to test game development success based on the input of the community. Many games are developed and produced without community input and the result is often poor. So please, go crazy. Anything goes... The blue bomber is back and the game is based on your input. What would you like to see in a new bomberman game. What style of play. 2D v. 3D, Child Theme v. Mature Theme. Below are samples of current development and work in progress. I appreciate any and all input. GO CRAZY! ( (

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03 March 2010, 04:23 AM
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