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03 March 2010, 07:10 AM
ITT Technical Institute in Sylmar, CA is not a place to attend to learn any kind of industry-related skills. The current program they offer is the Videogame Creation & Digital Multimedia course, and it has gone terribly awry in the process. Now, before you think I'm bashing ITT Tech in general, I was actually drawn to the school because of some of their graduate's demo reels; these scenes and renders were amazing. Too bad no one specified that no one at that campus had any hand in making them. For four years, we were sheep, being led from one mindless class to another. Instead of learning Unreal Tournament 3's Unreal Editor, we were given the far inferior GameMaker program. When I decided to go into the specialized field of particles and fluids, not a single teacher or program head had any idea how to assist me in even the basics of learning these programs. We were given two classes in 3DS Max 2008, one animation class in Maya, and for the rest shovelwork. Multiple written requests to ITT's heads and deans went unanswered...we were once told that we were just buying the degree, and that we needed to learn to sit and not expect our college to provide anything of value. Myself and my classmates quickly learned to purchase learning materials from professionals already in the industry, therefore basing a lot of our education on external references.Overall, if you are into 3D design or game creation, stay away from this particular location, or get ready to spend nearly 100k for training that basically un-prepares you for the real world.

03 March 2010, 08:01 AM
I to went to ITT tech in Portland Oregon, just graduated last September and feel like you have hit a nail on the head. Keep on preachin brother!

03 March 2010, 10:20 PM
I know you're pretty unhappy with the education you received, but the mods/staff here don't like any threads which basically bash schools. There are probably a few students within that program who have gone onto successfully working in the industry. Educational quality does change at schools with reformed curriculum over the years and change in Professors. What may have been a good program a few years ago might be lacking in quality now.

Not to sound rude, but you should have done more research such as visiting this forum to find out more information on recommended schools. You should have also checked out companies you wanted to work for and find out what schools they recruit from. They do normally have a list of schools on their website although they're not any representation of schools they ONLY recruit from so there might be students from your particular program who work there now. Even better is to find out who works in the outreach department and have a chat with them about schools they'd recommend. I was able to get in touch with someone from one outreach department regarding graduate schools and was recommended at least 5 - 6 programs I should look into.

Since it sounds a bit too late to do all this, at least you have the motivation to learn using external resources which will definitely help you. Just work on your demo reel and hopefully you'll end up where you want to be.

03 March 2010, 01:44 AM
Gawl, if you've done any research within the ITT Tech DEGD program you'd learn that it's still a relatively new program, therefore as of now we have about 4-5 years worth of graduates coming out of this, versus other more-established schools. Without going too much into detail, I forwarded your reply to the rest of our graduating class along with others that have graduated before we have,and should have the necessary replies that can verify my observations on this location. If you would have understood in my post I'm not bashing ITT Tech's DEGD program at all, but the campus in which the teachers and staff have become complacent and lackluster in teaching us the necessary skills. If one reads this wanting to go to ITT Tech, at least they can observe that this specific campus will do nothing to further higher education along.We began our program four years ago, and the majority of us came directly from high school into our program expecting an industry-based degree. Also, could you provide with me any specific links based on company recruiting or the like? After reading your reply, I searched around on some major companies in the industry, and found very little that was available. There was no pointless bashing of the campus, no personal grudges brought up, etc...all I did was point out the facts in the hopes that others wouldn't be deluded like we were. By all means, consider the DEGD program at ITT Tech...just make sure you research the campus near you thoroughly before you make a final decision.

03 March 2010, 06:22 AM
There's a thread at the top of this forum that lists a bunch of schools to check out. In no way is it any representation of all and only the top schools, in my opinion at least, but it is a good list to check out for schools to consider. Finding schools is really about how much effort you put into researching. I whittled down a list of 36 potential schools down to 10 before I sent in my applications. Of course my field is different than yours, but I put in the time to really search for schools which I felt were a great fit for what I want to do and only chose what I felt as the top 10 of that list.

Not every big name company will have a list of schools to help students for educational research. Other ways to look for schools would be to use linkedin. With linkedin, you can view profiles of individuals working for that particular company. For example:

Maybe you can use linkedin to find a recruiter's email. A ton of recruiters will intentionally put their email addresses as part of their name or in their profile description. You can try what I did and find someone within the company to give you a hand by directing you to someone working in the outreach department (this is what I did). I bought a book and emailed the author because I had a question. Then I basically explained what my goals were and they took enough interest in me to send me the contact info of someone in the outreach department who then gave me a call to discuss my qualifications and my educational goals. Even with this, it didn't mean the schools that he recommended would be absolutely fantastic. I still had to go to the school site, contact Professors and even students who had websites with contact info attached. If you're also nearby, go visit the schools too if you can.


Just saw your work and I do like what you've done despite your disappointment in your program. But I would guess this is stuff you've worked on using external resources. Just continue working on your demo reel, go to conferences, make connections if you haven't, and just keep chugging along until you get what you want.

03 March 2010, 11:45 AM
Grawl, first off let me start by apologizing...if my reply to you earlier made me sound like an arrogant prick I didn't mean for that to happen. I was still a bit hungover from the last nights activities, and funny enough that you mentioned attending conferences, I've been in San Fransisco since Wednesday for GDC. Your reply contains a ton of useful information to those starting out in the CG industry...when I started four years ago there wasn't a ton of useful information readily available, and since I made the choice of this ITT Tech campus I've been kicking myself in the head. LinkedIn is definitely a great source for networking and connecting with people; my main reason for being in this forum category is just a buyer beware situation. Again, didn't mean to sound rude with my first response...I read my reply over a few hours later and realized I sounded ridiculous lol. Thanks for the positive comments on the demo reel...this past Monday was our last day of our Bachelors Degree program, with Tuesday being a rest day and the rest of the week devoted to GDC!

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