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03 March 2010, 02:32 PM
Hey guys,

I'd like you to look at my showreel. It's a rather unusual reel to demo some animation and cinematic work (no work in progress, just the end results, which I like to focus on as an 'artist'). My latest work was for the game 'Fairytale Fights'. Not a very good game, but I hope the cinematics still stand out a bit. I have more work in progress stuff and 'raw' animations, but I can not display it right now because the project is a secret.

Let me know what you think? Are you dealing with a professional, is this work something to hold on to in the future (e.g start an own company)?

Thank you very much!

Link (

03 March 2010, 02:14 PM
Nobody? :shrug:

03 March 2010, 05:55 PM
I really like the Fairytale Fights. I think it is your best work. Is it for a game?

The older work you did from 2005 and 2006. Could be a lot better.I could leave it out, and try to make some new stuff. I'm not sure what you are doing right now, but if you want to work more with this stuff you could practice untill you got a job.

03 March 2010, 09:40 PM
Indeed, Fairytale Fights is a game and out since november 2009. I'm still working at that company so I'm not out of a job.

I'm aware the work from 2005/2006 could be better (heck, what not?), but I think it should be in my reel because I feel they are somesort of achievement. 'Inflate Escape' is my first real short and 'Colin' is my first tv-series. And I do think it looks good enough to show what I'm able to do (cinematic and animation-wise).

I'm still practicing every day. So maybe I'll get there some day in the future. If that's not notable in this showreel, please tell me, because that's most important.

03 March 2010, 09:51 PM
No one? It can't be that bad?

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03 March 2010, 09:51 PM
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