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03 March 2010, 04:35 AM
How Aliens Are Born

A collaborative short animation made by Yuki Murabayashi and Eric Bates in Kyoto, Japan.

It’s true, this is actually how aliens are born. Go ahead, ask your mom!

click here to see animation, breakdowns and concept drawings (

This is a short project Muraba-san and I finished in January. We had a lot of fun making this during a very intense two weeks (and a couple of all nighters). The animation is based on Muraba san’s manga and we both though it would be strange/weird/interesting to animate it. While Muraba-san was drawing on paper I was animating on the computer. We have very different styles and abilities, but once we figured out how we would both contribute things moved along quickly.

On the technical side, I was happy to experiment with a few techniques. As I was animating all the alien shots, I wanted my style to resemble Muraba san’s drawing style. So initially I did all the animation in maya as 3D animation, then “hand-rendered” the contours. I thought this added an interesting texture and life to the animation that simple filtering wouldn’t achieve. Also because we had such little time, I used a bit of optical flow retiming to fill in some inbetween drawings. This saved a lot of work (although there were some shots where this wouldn’t work), the retiming artifacts I thought were actually really interesting so I left them in there. The alien’s eyes, mouth, drool, and bow were all animated 2D straight ahead on top of the 3D. So there is really a lot of 2D and 3D being mixed. In the breakdown clip, you can get a bit of an idea.

We hope you enjoy it, comments and critiques are much appreciated!

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