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03 March 2010, 02:57 PM
Ok im slightly new to VUE, ive spent quite alot of time messing around and ive currently chosen to create an animation for a college project which needs to be handed in next week, im trying to switch between VUE/C4D.

My problem is that i've created a scene and now i need to use the camera to fly through the scene, In VUE i have been trying to keyframe the camera's movements just like you do in most 3d applications but im not sure if this is supposed to happen or what, but basically i keyframe the starting posistion of the camera and then move the slider to say.. 90 frames and then move the camera to the position i want, this happens to be lower down than the previous camera position but vue seems to automatically move the first camera posistion to the same level as the second one, so instead of the camera flying from the sky down through clouds to my scene the camera has to move in like.. a straight line.. ive spent ages searching the web for answers and looking at so many options in VUE and i cannot find an answer and im really desperate to get this fixed, i have uploaded pictures to better explain.

Notice the first camera movement which was originally above the clouds has now moved down when i created a second keyframe.

So i tried to do the animation via Cinema 4D, which seems the camera is working fine but then once it comes to rendering (i am using a TIFF sequence) after a few frames C4D decides to crash so this seems out of the question. I also tried exporting the render sequence to VUE but this seems to make no difference. I really need help.

I expect this could be some stupid easy thing that needs to be changed because i dont see how VUE would only allow a camera to fly around a scene in a straight line.

Please help :(

03 March 2010, 10:43 PM
I don't have Vue up in front of me, but there are 2 things to check with your camera. Click on the camera in the hierarchy and in the upper left (in one of those tabs) check to make sure that:
* The camera is not height locked (most likely it is and this is the problem)
* The camera is not forbidden from rotation

I'll be able to check these exactly when I get home later.

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03 March 2010, 10:43 PM
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