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09 September 2003, 09:26 PM
I'm doing my master this year and unfortunately we had to work on a summer project.... The subject is to describe a place. Either real or fantastic. So I chose to describe dreams. To better describe this ever evolving place you have to describe a series of events happenning there meaning I have to describe a series of dreams... So what I'll do is take a series of dreams from some people and just visualise them.
Because the nature of dreams is very fast and changing quickly I'm going for a rough look.

Here are the final different images for the one picture. Which one do you prefer most?

09 September 2003, 10:03 PM
And here you can see in greater detail the different elements of the composition

And here is the text of the dream:
I'm sitting outside with my friends on a massive lawn. We are having a picnic or something. I suddenly realize, as I stand up, that when I press down on the raw earth, I can make sounds. Every time I push down on a place , it forces some air in air pockets out through the grains of dirt, and it makes a farting noise with a note to it, kind of like a tuba. After playing a bit of a song, the earth becomes seriously disturbed, and big rocks and chunks of brick lay everywhere. I guess we had too much fun. Music seems to emanate from beneath these bricks. After we re place d the earth, and I "play" it a few more times only to get the same results, we realize that the underground brick and concrete structure is part of a prison. In fact, the part where they put the most dangerous criminals, and we all struggle in vain to re place the bricks and concrete and dirt before it is too late and the prisoners escape and kill us!! The dreams ends when I jump off the ground and fly away. (192 words)

Your comments would be really helpful.
Thanks in advance

09 September 2003, 09:21 AM
prefer the first pic - less crowded

perhaps suggest i simpler version of the first pic with the bottom left face detail and the guy sinking in the middle taken out. i think that would make for a really clean, less confused image.

also maybe try knocking the larger copy,red 'splat' and no.38 bits back by about 50% transparency.

then you can hand the other images in as supporting material!

but thats just me, i like a clean compesition.


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