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02 February 2010, 10:46 PM
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02 February 2010, 08:16 AM (

First Concept/Pre-Vis Idea...

I'm thinking of having my main character, the Barbarian, have one hand holding a weapon that is stabbed into a dead creature, and the other arm holding a half stripped woman.

Also, some larger creatures looming in the background for future intent to kill..

I copied the pose for the main character from the movie poster, Army of Darkness.

02 February 2010, 04:50 PM
Looks like a good pose so far... now just to flesh out the rest. It could be fun if you play with the theme of the film and had all different creatures or characters or other props from all different times. One thing to watch out for is your camera angle: With your hero, your camera seems to be low and looking up at him. But the buildings are seem straight on, we're not looking up at them too. You could try adding more perspective to them, having them climb towards a vanishing point in the sky somewhere, to match the camera angle you've set for the man.
Good luck! :thumbsup:

02 February 2010, 10:10 PM
Hey Michael,
Thank u for your post!

Those are some great suggestions! And having different creatures and objects scattered around from the Barbarian's own time is exactly what I was thinking of! :D
Its primarily why I went with this theme/title in particular. I had thought of several other slightly more funny ones involving different vegetables, but after looking through everyone else ideas, I saw the vegetable/kitchen concept had already been done a few times, so I stuck with this one.

Can't wait to get out the next version of my pre-vis and really flesh out this idea!


02 February 2010, 05:58 AM (

Made some progress today with my Concept/Pre-Vis... Got my main character drawn in with some prelim values added. Got his girl sketched in, but still needs a lot of work, including clothing for the both of them...

Still a lot to be done,
I need to get a dead body to go with my monster's head somewhere around the Barbarian's feet.
Gotta come up with what the pile he is standing on will be made up of... street ruble or something, not sure yet.
The background city scape needs tons of work, and some monsters looming back there...
And lastly, I would really like to get some objects from his time in there somewhere as has been suggested, but who knows where those will come in...

So a successful day, but still loads to do!
Wish me luck! :D

02 February 2010, 12:28 AM
Today has been a bit of a struggle, but that's ok! it's part of the fun! :thumbsup:

I'm still sketching out tons of possible ideas for this ruble pile he's standing on..
I've tried bodies, building ruble, looking up from a hole in the street, just dirt with objects sticking out... still not sure yet

Also still working out the city scape behind him..

Should come up with something soon though, and then the 3D starts! I'm excited! :scream:


02 February 2010, 05:10 AM
..So my Wacom Tablet is totally dead now :cry:

But my new one will arrive sometime next week! Then its back to work! :scream:

I think I will be reworking my entire composition as I can't figure out what to have this guy standing on that fits...
Wish me Luck! :D
And everyone cross you fingers that my new tablet arrives early! hehe

02 February 2010, 06:24 AM
Sorry about your Wacom! At least you could potentially get a lot of work done on paper in the meantime. As for what you have now, it feels like their hands are in really awkward spots: Her right hand looks like it's wrapped around his leg and inserted into his kneecap. She must be getting him back for sticking his left hand directly into her brain! :D
Anyhow, just a bit of repositioning could fix both issues. Good luck with it all! :thumbsup:

02 February 2010, 05:36 PM
hello Aaron
I agree with Michael for the perpective of buildings, in my opinion, it could be interresting to move characters to the left, the head of the woman would become the focus point, now is the pelvis of the Barbarian as it is centered exactly in the middle of the picture.... :-)

Good luck !

02 February 2010, 06:09 PM
Great Idea. The composition is coming along very nicely. I think the title has a good impact, overall fits your stuff nicely. Great progress so far.

03 March 2010, 09:49 AM
Ello Michael,
Thank you so much for your post!
lol, the positioning is a little weird at this point... She has no fingers on her right hand, which leads one to think they've been inserted into his leg :p
His hand was meant to be holding her head, but yeah, doesn't quite come across that way yet, to me almost looks like he's yanking her hair and she's screaming about that instead of any creature that could be in front of them...

Hey Arzack,
I agree, his crotch being in the center can't be a good thing...
I'm re-thinking my composition at the moment...
Thank you so much for your suggestion and hope you stop by again!

Hey Sleepy,
Thank u for the encouragement!

So, I should be getting my new Wacom Tablet in tomorrow or Tuesday! I am very excited about that!!
But, I have been working on new ideas in the mean time, and I think I may rework my entire composition...
I just can't find a suitable thing for this "pile" he is standing on to be made out of, and none of my background creatures seem to be coming out enough.. So!
Stay Tuned for some serious re-vamping! :D

03 March 2010, 12:27 PM
So, I should be getting my new Wacom Tablet in tomorrow or Tuesday! I am very excited about that!!

thats good news, man!

I just can't find a suitable thing for this "pile" he is standing on to be made out of, and none of my background creatures seem to be coming out enough.. So!

after looking at the concept, i suggest a pile made of crushed cars and business men, soldiers and policemen :D ! a barbarian going berserk in modern times, hehe...

and what about some fires for the pillaged skyscrapers in the background?

great concept, i especially like the oneeyed skull on his battle axe!

03 March 2010, 04:43 AM (

Finally got my new tablet in this afternoon! And started crankin out ideas!

...Out of the few revised compositions I've come up with today, This one seemed most on point...

Still lots to do! The colors aren't for real, just allowed me to see what I was working on well.
There will be monsters rampaging below with destruction/fires, etc.
few monsters in the sky...
and I think I might try to incorporate rift in time some where

So what do you guys think? Do you like it better than my last concept so far?

03 March 2010, 07:14 AM
i think, this also is a good idea! perhaps you should give it a more dynamic angle of the camera, rotate it a bit or change the perspective to a worm's-eye view. and i like the waving girl on her balcony. :thumbsup:

glad you finally got your tablet.

03 March 2010, 01:21 AM (

Ello Everyone!

I have been uber busy the past couple weeks, but now I finally have a few days to dedicate to finishing this challenge!

After struggling for a while with the composition I've decided that trying to put my main character in a detailed city environment just isn't the way to go, and doesn't hold up the true B-Movie feel either..

So! No more detailed city behind him, and no more woman needing to be rescued.

Now I'm just gonna concentrate on my main character, and a cheesy old school feel that really embodies the B-Movie Challenge!

So what do you guys think of my final PreVis/Concept?

03 March 2010, 01:33 AM
Hey Patrick,
Thank you for your posts and suggestions!
They really helped me choose between my different ideas
I'm happy u liked my final choice on what he should be standing on, but you had some great ideas too! In the end I didn't want to go with the pile of dead bodies or two much destruction under him because i didn't want to make it look like he was the one killing or destroying things..

Thank you as well for the encouragement with my tablet, that was a hard couple weeks

Hope you keep watching, Cheers! :beer:

03 March 2010, 01:44 AM
Good B-movie concept and I like the muscles. Over all masculine adventure with the taste of white hot steel!

03 March 2010, 05:08 AM
white hot steel, hehe, thank u Ralph :D

03 March 2010, 05:13 AM
haha, a strong barbarian! maybe you can change his weapon to some rediculous items, such as a besom or banana, and this change may also exaggerate his strength. imaging a banana stab through the crocodile- unbelievable! so brute! so strong!

03 March 2010, 06:52 AM
Hey Magic,
lol, I will have to think about this

I hadn't intended for it to be funny, but that's a really good suggestion :D

Thank u for your post

03 March 2010, 12:12 AM (

Finding time to work on this challenge has been really rough!

Got this block out tweaked to start posing for my Barbarian.
This is my general human block out that I created a couple months ago and use for most of my human figures.

Should have it UV'd here shortly, then its off to rigging and finally ZB!

Don't know how much I'll get done tonight, but I'm excited!

03 March 2010, 12:33 AM
Cool! I didn't realize you were going to do him in 3D, i thought from all you've posted so far that you were going for 2D. Good luck in such a short time left! :thumbsup:

03 March 2010, 01:04 AM (


The UV's!!
Booyakasha! hehehe

03 March 2010, 01:05 AM
Hey Michael!
Thank you for the support! much needed :D
The hard part for me is sorting through all the ideas I have floating around in my head...
I've never been the best at coming up with concepts....
But now that I have the idea hammered out, the 3D should fly!
Here I come 50-Foot Challenge!


03 March 2010, 02:07 AM (

Alright! things are moving along nicely :D

Just sculpted the Block Out for my primordial creature!

Its suppose to be somewhere between a dinosaur and a snake...
Who knows.. :shrug:

What do you guys think? Does it work?

03 March 2010, 03:07 AM (

So, made a bit of a neck for my creatures head...

Then did the UV's :D

it will still need a little work inside his mouth, including a throat, tongue, and finished teeth and gums...

But I think I'm gonna chop him up for a quick rig and block out my scene with my Barbarian before finishing the monster's final details

ZBrush is coming soon! Muwahaha! :twisted:

03 March 2010, 12:38 AM
Looks like you have a lot in progress, best of luck getting it completed!

03 March 2010, 12:48 AM (

Been a long day...

Got my Barbarian rigged and posed

Chopped up my creature and put together a simple parenting rig for it

Then put it all together and Wa La!

Scene is Blocked Out! :D

Next is ZB!

03 March 2010, 03:39 AM
Ello Ralph,
Thank u so much for the encouragement! I hope I can get it all done :wip:

03 March 2010, 03:45 AM (

So I've finally busted into ZBrush! :scream:

Still got a lot to do here, legs need tons of work still..
forearms need a lot of help too, and so do the hands.

Oh, and the face! omg, tons to do there as well...

But overall, he is comin along! :D

03 March 2010, 05:40 PM (

So I finished up the inside of my Creature's throat and finalized its UV's

And now, I've started him in ZBrush! :D

Finishing off the basic forms and structure at the moment... not really sure what kind of "scales" or texture I'm gonna give him yet,
But should have that all figured out and posted Soon! :wip:

03 March 2010, 07:10 PM (

Done and Done! :D

I'm not gonna stress to much about tons of fancy detail here...
Not only will I not see the top of his face in my final shot, but too much detail might start to take away from the B-Movie look, so I'm gonna say, yeah, finished!

Any other details, I think I'll try to bring out with the texture...
Should be fun

If anyone has any suggestions for the model Its always welcome and appreciated
Thanks guys!

Hope everyone is on track and doin good!

03 March 2010, 09:26 PM (

So I've gotten the two creatures rigged and put in place..

Did a little composite shot just to see how everything was looking together at this stage in their models.

I think I'm gonna end up painting the entire backdrop and doing something of a paint-over for the creatures too, just so it all blends well and maintains the "B-Movieness"

Not much time left! gotta make it happen!

03 March 2010, 09:36 PM (

Although I not exactly sure why :curious:, as It prob won't been seen in my image, I did a bit with his back and shoulder muscles

03 March 2010, 12:58 AM
Very nice modeling but like you said little of it be seen in the final. Hope you can get to coloring and assuming 2D is faster for you use that if it works to get this completed in time (19 March). Best of luck!

03 March 2010, 01:25 AM (

A little bit of facial expression goin on!

03 March 2010, 05:39 AM (

So as time starts to run out on me, I've decided that I'll have to pretty much leave my Barbarian model where its at, and begin texturing..

But that's ok I guess, I'm fairly happy with it :D

So this is a render of the beginning of my texturing process. Got the AO baked out, and next is skin color! :wip:

03 March 2010, 12:54 PM
hope you'll finish it in time - as i noted (somewhere else :D), i want to see a barbarian raiding the challenge!

looks good so far, keep up the good work! :beer:

undead greetings from far beneath the surface,

03 March 2010, 04:23 PM
Hey bro, thanks for stoppin by again :D

encouragement is always welcome! especially under these conditions, hehe

03 March 2010, 07:02 PM
Hey Aaron,

Woow, great model for the barbarian, really cool, like a lot his face expression.
Think your composition works really well, perhaps the camera a bit lower, to tilt up a bit more.

Great work ! Cheers!! :beer:

03 March 2010, 07:26 PM (

So I've gotten the Barbarian's texture pretty much finished, and decided to slap it on and do a little lighting test :D

Not sure if this is my final lighting or not, but I think I'm getting closer...

What do you guys think?

03 March 2010, 09:03 PM
Hey Ferx,

Thank u! :D

I'll have to see what I can do with the camera angle, thank u for the suggestion

03 March 2010, 10:25 PM
Great comp. I has a real Dali feel to it. Fantastic

03 March 2010, 11:38 PM
Ello Steve,

Thank you so much! I'm not sure that I see it myself..., but I take that as an incredible compliment!
I've always admired Salvador Dali's work! A true master of the surreal :D

03 March 2010, 12:21 AM
Hey Aaron - This is it, turn on the jets, I really hope you can get this completed!

03 March 2010, 01:01 AM
Hey Ralph,

Thank you so much! I need all the encouragement I can get, and you're definitely right! Jets turned ON! :D

03 March 2010, 01:02 AM (

Man this is getting close!

So I think I've finished my Creature's texture, and have moved on to trying to get my final lighting...

This is a test render composite of what I've got so far.
It is suppose to be raining, so everything should look a little wet..

What do guys think?
Is it working for me?

03 March 2010, 03:13 AM (

Getting close now... or closer anyway, hehe

I'm piecing together my final comp!

Still got plenty to do,
Gotta do a lot of paint overs, like giving my barbarian a loin cloth,
the barbarian is suppose to be standing on the creatures tongue and not just his teeth.. hehe
blood here and there,
and a few other things for sure

Any critiques or suggestions would be marvelous!

03 March 2010, 03:59 PM
Last Day! :scream:

So I was really hoping someone would have had some advice for me, but I guess thats what I get for getting this thing done at the last minute, hehe

I've been thinking a lot about the leopard spots on the back of my creatures, and with the color correction and comp, they come out like army camo... and that's definitely not the look I was going for, so I think I'm gonna take them out..

Should be an interesting day.. -Good Luck everyone! Cheers!

03 March 2010, 05:51 PM
hey aaron,

i think it's okay with the camouflage-skin for the textures. when they are wet of the rain, they have to be slightly darken and that would give to the small highlights a nice contrast.

and grant the barbarian a huge battle axe or a mighty hammer or at least a beer barrel to fight with. :D
and blood always does fine in those scenes.

what about the fires (?) below? will they be painted or do you plan to build some nice flames in 3d?


03 March 2010, 06:22 PM
Hey Bro!
Thank you so much for your post and suggestions!!

I think I will take another look at the leopard spots then :D

And Oh YEA! He will have a huge battle axe!

On the fires... I honestly have no idea how I'm gonna pull that off at this point...
I don't think I'll be making any 3d flames at this point... just not enough time
so I'll have to figure that out, and figure out how to pull off the city in the bg

Tempus Fugit! :wip:

03 March 2010, 06:51 PM
another suggestion by me, if i am allowed to make: instead of the fires there could be more of the creatures' bodies visible, some curls - like giant writhing snakes, to let them look more monstrous. :wip:

keep my fingers crossed that you can finish it!

unleash the barbarian!:beer:

decaying greets from out a stinking bog,

03 March 2010, 07:20 PM
oh dude! that is a great suggestion! :D Thank u!

I'll see what I can come up with :wip:

03 March 2010, 09:21 PM (

Almost finished!

Got a few more pieces in, and fixed a few things..

Still gotta get some blood to go around, and finish up the background elements

I think I might actually complete my poster on time!

Thank u everyone for keeping your fingers crossed and for all the encouragement!

03 March 2010, 11:43 PM (

Finally getting some of the background elements worked out!

I guess I'm gonna go for this transparency of a city look... kinna film noir... kinna, hehe

And going with Bran's suggestion of more monsters instead of fire, Thank u Bran :D

not much left to do now! :wip:

A bit of blood and I might be calling this challenge done!

03 March 2010, 12:02 AM
What a cliffhanger but you did it! Congratulations it looks cool.

03 March 2010, 03:02 AM (

The greatest and most famous classic fantasy quest in history! Horrific creatures and amazing adventure, this is a tale of cataclysmic proportions as a brutish man, a Barbarian, is ripped from his own time to fight off the primordial creatures destroying the city, brought here by an evil sorcerer, The Tempus Warlock.

This widely dramatic film received no academy awards, but will forever set the precedence for all of the greatest B-Movies!

Produced with:
Maya, ZBrush, and Photoshop

Thank enormous Thank You to all who supported me and helped me get through this challenge!
And also a thank you to all those who fought hard and worked diligently to get in your final submissions! Go you!

Cheers to Everyone!

03 March 2010, 03:13 AM (

Software: Maya,Photoshop,ZBrush

The greatest and most famous classic fantasy quest in history! Horrific creatures and amazing adventure, this is a tale of cataclysmic proportions as a brutish man, a Barbarian, is ripped from his own time to fight off the promordial creatures destroying the city, brought here by an evil sorverer, The Tempus Warlock.

This widely dramatic film received no academy awards, but will forever set the precendence for all of the greatest B-Movies!

03 March 2010, 05:51 AM
Hey Aaron,

Cool work!! like a lot dino beasts really great design on them. The mix of the cityscape with the barbarian and monsters puts a really cool touch on your concept :D Think your barbarian is ready to fight with Kratos ( God of War game :D)

Congrats for your finish ! and now time for the tequila :D Cheers!! :beer:

03 March 2010, 06:38 AM
Hey Ferx!
Thank you so much! :D

It is definitely time for some tequila! and a lot of cold beer!
Cheers amigo!:beer:

Hey Ralph,
Thank u as well!
I'm so happy I was able to finish! thank u so much for your praise and encouragement!

03 March 2010, 08:07 AM
hey aaron,

glad you did it in time!
the contrast created by using skyscrapers of a modern city and a fight between primordial beings is great and highlights both b-movie theme and the title of your work!
i love the barbarians weapons and details like the dark blood or the necklace made of small skulls.
the use of desaturated colors works also fine.

well done!

and now... let the battle begin! :beer:
barbarian greetings,


03 March 2010, 08:10 AM
Wow! I really like your use of colour. It turns an image which is already strong and heroic into something which is genuinely beautiful. The composition is superb too. This is an elegant and wonderful piece of work. Congratulations

03 March 2010, 08:14 AM
Nice work man!
Good Luck. :thumbsup:

03 March 2010, 01:32 PM
you get ripped from time :buttrock:
very nice work man, congratulations


03 March 2010, 05:35 PM
Thank u so much bro!
It makes me so happy you noticed my small details like the skull necklace!
Greeting from my Battle Cry! :scream:

Thank u so much for you kind words! :D

Thank you, Thank you!

Thank u! I loved your Revenge of the PinUps as well :thumbsup:

03 March 2010, 05:40 PM
Congrats on getting all of this done in time. Did you do some overpainting over the 3D? It looks like it - and it looks good. There's a real Richard Corben quality to the final piece. Good work, and good luck! :thumbsup:

03 March 2010, 10:55 PM
Hey Mike!
Thank u so much!
to be honest with you, I had to go and look him up, but I wish I had known about his work before hand, it would have been a great inspiration!

I did do a lot of painting over the 3d! In fact, there was quite a lot of photoshop compositing in my last image. I'm glad you think it looks good, that means a lot to me coming from you :D

Thanks again bro! Cheers :beer:

03 March 2010, 05:59 AM
Hey Bergquist,

Brilliant work on your final image, Its got everything, Monsters, Weapons, and Hero.

Well done!!!

03 March 2010, 06:54 PM
Hey David,
Thank u so much! :D

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