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02-17-2010, 05:33 PM
Erik_Bergman is entered in the "B-Movie" update: View Challenge Page (http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/view_entries.php?challenger=19765)

Latest Update: Work In Progress: cheerleader rigging and texturing
http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/27/19765/19765_1268663453_medium.jpg (http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=6412794#post6412794)

03-03-2010, 07:14 PM
http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/27/19765/19765_1267643674_medium.jpg (http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/27/19765/19765_1267643674_medium.jpg)

Software: 3ds max

testing the deformations of the rig combined with displacement mapping.
i'm thinking up a story as i am creating the characters.

Play Video >> (http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/player.php?entry_id=111002)

03-15-2010, 02:30 PM
http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/27/19765/19765_1268663453_medium.jpg (http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/27/19765/19765_1268663453_medium.jpg)

the story wil be about cheerleaders on a summer camp where they encounter a cursed object which unleashes demons on them! or something. still working out a "plot" although a want the scenes to be somewhat illogical and loosely connected,. The animation is a free mocap file i found on the web, she's dancing the macarena. Just for testing the rigging.. i wil keyframe the actual animation.

Play Video >> (http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/player.php?entry_id=112056)

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