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02 February 2010, 11:44 AM
I just had the oportunity at my work to work at After Effects CS4 under Windows XP 32bits and
I am about to get a new home machine:
as my focus is AE, i really need to know
if i should to install a 32 or 64 bits OS (windows 7 or windows xp 32 bits).

In other words, will i have problems to run AE CS4 under windows 7
(although i already know AE CS4 isnt 64-bits prepared)?

Any feedback would be very appreciated, since i have to buy the OS the next week.
Thanks in advance.

02 February 2010, 04:25 PM
The next major version of After Effects will only run on a 64-bit operating system (

And you can get plenty of benefits from running After Effects CS4 on a 64-bit operating system (

02 February 2010, 05:36 PM

64bit is definitely the way to go for After Effects. I'm really enjoying it throwing out-of-memory notices at me so much less often now. Though if you're upgrading to 64 bit, you will probably also need more RAM. If you had 3-4 gigs before, I would upgrade to 6-12 if you can, depending on how intensive your work usually is.

02 February 2010, 06:52 PM
ToddKopriva and Iaenic: thank you for the attention.

Therefore i am not sure yet about the compatibility:
i'll install AE in a i7-960 system.

At AE system requirements, Adobe informs that it requires
either Windows XP 32-bit
or Windows Vista, 32-bit or 64-bit.

According Microsoft, 64-bit compatibility, specially to Windows 7,
isnt already recognizing (and Vista 64-bit is already mentioned).

Therefore i could find Mylenium (the expert reference i have) solving problems of incompatibility between AE and Windows 7.

So i am no definitely sure about which Windows i must acquire at this moment to this new machine. I am not adventurous treating this: this is a personal machine to content creation, not games etc. I know CS5 will run just on 64-bits systems, but until this i need a stable system to work.

How can i proceed about the OS?
No news about CS5 release date?

Thanks in advance.

02 February 2010, 09:00 PM
Those are excellent questions. I canít speak for the exact compatibility issues across the board like ToddKopriva or Mylenium could, but I can share a bit of personal experience.

Iíve had the opportunity to use After Effects CS4 on XP pro 32bit and 64bit, Vista 64bit, and Windows 7 64bit. Windows 7 and XP Pro 64 are my favorites so far. I havenít much in the way of compatibility issues with any of them, having not yet noticed any significant problems with windows 7 in the shorter time Iíve used it. Windows 7 also seems to handle renders noticeably better than Vista.

Given that windows 7 is being rapidly adopted, I can imagine Adobeís support for addressing bugs and compatibility issues might be a fairly big priority for them, (though this is just speculation). I wouldnít worry too much about whatever operating system you choose, though personally I would pick windows 7. XP Pro works as well, but there will be less compatibility for other software you might want to use.

Again, since I donít know the actual technical specifics, Todd or Mylenium might have better input. I'm eager to hear any exact details on the disadvantages of win7 myself.

02 February 2010, 06:50 AM
How can i proceed about the OS?

I think you are getting yourself too wired up over this. Just buy Windows 7 64bit. While I still haven't upgraded myself and therefore my knowledge is still somewhat sketchy, most problems are quite specific and relate to unusual hard- and software configurations such as the disappearing cores in asymmetric memory configurations on core7i systems. If you allow me to put it this way: Some users try to turn a toaster into a rocket by just upgrading the operating system, and other users spend all there money on the processor without giving regard to all other hardware components. Most of that isn't anything you cannot avoid with a little careful planning in advance and a liberal budget. Since you speak of a i7 960, I would assume that the system would be fresh of the manufacturing lines and thus Win 7 compatible drivers would be available for each of the components. Of course this doesn't preclude anything going wrong at all, but should take 90% out of the risk factor. The only other thing that could greatly influence your decision would be third-party software like specific CoDecs or drivers for capture cards, but that is neither in Microsoft's nor Adobe's hands. At any rate, if anything comes up, you can always ask and we will try to help.

No news about CS5 release date?

Those of us who possibly know are not allowed to tell. Beyond that you won't miss the sound of the marketing orchestra once it starts to play. ;-) That's all you will hear from anyone at this point.


02 February 2010, 07:50 PM
Thanks for the attention, Mylenium: i'll let the machine ready for CS5, running a 64-bits OS.

02 February 2010, 10:31 PM
have used AE with WinXp32, Vista 64 & Win 7 64.
It is stable in all environments. I certainly do have a better experience with the Win7 setup due to the new hardware, which however is almost identical to the Vista one:
i7 loaded with 12Gigs RAM, a Raid 0 AV, plus data & boot separate hdds.
So as most posters mentioned, just grab a win7 OS, stack as much RAM your mobo can hold and your off to go.
Now, there will be times that even this setup will need tweaks in the multiprocessing dialogue box, depending on your comp size, layers etc.

02 February 2010, 11:19 PM
I'm running After Effects CS4 on a 32bit Windows 7 and it works like a charm.

04 April 2010, 10:11 PM
Hello FonteBoa,

Have you checked compatibility?
Just an FYI for you.

It is always best to check with the software manufacturer FIRST. They will tell you if they have tested the product and the version, as well as whether or not it will work with Windows 7.
Check out the Windows 7 Compatibility site: (There you will find out about hardware and software compatibility.)
There is a pulldown from which you can choose "hardware" and "software".

There are also some great articles, instructional videos and such to help with your Windows 7 at our Springboard site:

In ( any event a lot of the times, Vista drivers will work in lieu of Windows 7 drivers, however, it's not 100%!

As stated previously, it's best to have the Windows 7 certified drivers installed.
Thanks again,
John M.
Microsoft Windows Client Support

04 April 2010, 05:58 AM
I use AE on a i7 920 machine with windows 7 64-bit. works just as fast as my dual core machine. waiting on cs5 so i can use my 9gb. then i will see a difference in speed.

04 April 2010, 02:30 PM
Sybexmed, thanks for the reply, but since you are using a 64 bits system, i couldnt understand one thing: After Effects (CS4 i suppose) doesnt recognize your 9Gb Ram???!!! Even using windows 7 64-bits?
Isnt there something strange here?

04 April 2010, 05:08 PM
CS4 isn't 64 bit program. So it will only recognize 4GB and less. CS5 is the first 64bit AE that will be released to date which will recognize more than 4GB. So as of now you cant use more then 4GB asfar as im concerned.

04 April 2010, 05:40 PM
THanks again, sybexmed. :)
But dont you feel any advantage for having your 9Gb RAM
even when setting you AE for render multiple frames simultaneously (at preferences)?

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