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08 August 2003, 10:20 AM
I'm trying to model this wheel (,

First I tried NURBS splitting the front face of the wheel into 3 separate types. 1 revolved circle shaped surface for the centre, 5 duplicated surfaces for the 'spokes' and then another 5 duplicated surfaces for the slopey in bits in each hole.

The surfaces matched exactly but there were horrible gaps and sharp joins at the seams which I couldn't get rid of. I am thinking now I would be better off creating one big, smooth sub-d surface for the face of the wheel to create a smooth almost skin like surface?

I have never used sub-d's before, I would be very greatful if someone could describe simply how they would go about modelling the wheel, I'm not sure what approach to take with it. Do I create a disc then boolean out the 5 holes, or create each spoke individually?

Many thanks


08 August 2003, 12:14 PM
Various approaches - but I'd be tempted to start with a cylinder, create the outlines for the holes (on both end faces) then 'bridge' through the thickness to create the holes.

Make sure your initial cyl has a number of sides that's divisible by both 4 and 5.

A different approach I've used (when got different numbers of holes on the same object) is to model the two different regions separately, then join them together.

One advantage of this (imo) is that you can use 'wedges' of the appropriate angle (here, 72 deg and 90 deg) and work on just one hole (say) until it's correct, then mirror / duplicate the others to form a complete 360 deg sequence.

I use wings 3d - there's some more info re how bridge works (in this app) here

And something made with a similar technique as above, here (bottom of page)

hth :)


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