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08 August 2003, 03:09 PM
Hi, there :)

I think it would be interesting to compare opinions on Max plugin renderers !

2 years ago, i tried many of them to finaly choose FinalRender.
I've invested a lot of time understanding it.

Now, i've seen and heard many things about Vray and Brasil.

What renderer do you preffer and why ?

(please don't even post any reply like : FR suck, Vray is much better. I want details )


08 August 2003, 08:59 PM
I use fR. Started since stage-0 and used it ever since. Don't wanna try anything else because fR is more than adequate and i'm used to it.

08 August 2003, 06:43 AM
This is athread I'd wanted to see here around, but didn't wanted to start one. Thanks. However, why is this in the resources subtopic? Wait, I've got it, IMO out there in the big one, it would wanish from eyes in just seconds, but here, it can stay in the first page as long as humanity survives... Or longer... :D

So, I'm using Brazil R/S. But that is no nomination to the renderer, for I'm no more than a useless talentless jerk.
But maybe something I think still can help.

IMO the renderer is just like the platform. No matter what renderer you use, if you get the idea, and the feeling working with it, you'll just stuck with it. Topdays leading renderer engines provide almost exactly the same feature set and quality, with just some differences between workflow and other aspects... (O.K. I admit: there are better, and less better renderers on the market...)
My first experience with a high level rendere was Mental Ray, and I was shocked by the complicatedness of that software so much, I didn't used anything like that for years, than Brazil came along.
And I was satisfied. And since than, I'm hooked to Brazil, and everywhere I go, I'm trying to make more Brazil lovers, like me.
But I've seen v-ray, and fR Stage-1, and was convinced: some aspects of Brazil are a bit old, and in neeed of updating.
But I have no intention to use anything else.

Like gdimmrt wrote: Brazil suites me fine, and I'm familiar with the controls, and deeper settings now. So I also don't want to use anything else...

O.K. talked too much, but a bit senseless. Sorry. Its early in the morning here... :D My advice would be, for you to stay with fR. You've been using it for a time now, and as you said, you've understood it. And that is what counts. fR is a great renderer. Stage 1 is even better.

- A. (a serious Brazil fan)

09 September 2003, 05:41 AM
Just posted this in the general max topics:

Vray is best.
I was using all 3 when they came out. Vray was the fastest, the programmers are quickest to fix bugs and address problems, and they were first to do distributed rendering - which is a plus if you stills of big arch projects.

FR is slow.
Brazil is too much $ - and you have to buy a licence for each machine. Vray will network render, and do distributed rendering on 1 copy - up to 10 machines.

You want the advanced copy for HDRI if nothing else. Still cheaper than Brazil and it does a lot more than FR.

Good luck.

09 September 2003, 02:55 AM
The best way to render is to Buy a $300.00 Server From Dell pop in your legal 3d Max cd and use Backburn 2 To render what would take 5 hr to do be comes like 10 mins

Why do i keep spending my money on junk :banghead:

09 September 2003, 05:16 PM
hey there, great topic btw,

first of all i have to agree fr stage 1 is probably the best out there, but before fr there was mental ray which at the time was and still is kick ass. Brazil is fast and the new version is looking real good, I'd say on par with fr 1, i suppose its preference, as for vray never heard of it.

but from the day I started getting into 3d, I have to say the best renderer out there (in terms of raytrace quality) is povray. Its too damn slow but the end result is always something of a masterpiece, its free too. Achieving rendering effects (some 5 years ago) that 3d max and the others are only now starting to implement. (its not a plugin renderer for max, its a standalone scene renderer and it takes some serious getting in to. Modelling by script is hardly anyone's cup of coffee, so you can get a modeller for it called moray. I'd like to see the povray engine being implemented in max, I feel it has a certain superiority over any raytracing engine out there, cause its all about precision and numbers but thats just my opinion, check out the site's art gallery, simply amazing.

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