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08 August 2003, 11:00 PM
OK. Count me in. I have been wanting to do something like this for about a year. Cool challenge guys.


08 August 2003, 08:33 AM
i want the ships to look organic/mecha. the overall shapes i want to be organic and in the details the mecha begins to take shape. the idea is that it is an organic form but the idea behind the carnival is driven by a mechanical mind. amusement can be seen as a mechanical action. the idea of this carnival and the idea of most carnivals, in my mind, is slightly Pavlovian. the rides have been tested to elicit a certain response and they work. people, their faces stretched by grotesque laughter, their wild eyes pinned to the thrashing machinery, line up for their dose of the amusement. the shear stimulus-response part of it is so appealing to the nether regions. for a moment, survival and procreation are no longer the two poles of existence. for a moment, life is a crashing stimulus. but the work behind it? the carnys? their faces betray the mechanics of the place. they have seen it before. they are outside of the stimulus-response cycle. they are like technicians, without their white lab coats, observing the milling crowds.

the carnys are not part of this though. they must exist only in terms of the movements of the ships setting up the carnival - the mechanical movements. but it will be boring to see only this kind of movement. No, the carnys must not exist in the movement of the ships. it must be a subtle theme underneath their movements - like the charisma of older, worn out politicians. you should be able to just barely see the tracks of repeated boredom in their movements. the most obvious sense of the movement will come from the excitement of the carnival itself. that will be what must first be shown.

the music will be important, too. don't know if i can do that but we will see. i am thinking of the music from the mechanical museum in SF.

How real do i need to be? Fantastical, huh? a sort of exagerated reality. maybe tim burton's sleepy hollow will be useful.

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