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01 January 2010, 08:06 PM
So I am a bit new to the whole 3d type world. So far I have found two schools that seem like a nice fit, Vancouver Film School and Gnomon. I enjoy 3d art and special effects. I imagine I'd probably go into special effects (not sure I haven't work with the programs enough to know yet). I have done a lot of research on VFS and it seems more than decent. Gnomon I haven't had as much time to research but also seems to be a great choice. One of the reasons I am leaning to Gnomon is because it is in America thus I can get better financial aid (I currently live in Florida).

To be able to help me more I guess I should give a tiny bit of background. I recently discovered I enjoy art and am decently good, (i think so at least) considering I have never had an art class. I have gone to open modeling sessions for life drawing and such. I have vary little background in 3d, I have Maya and Z brush but I am mostly just screwing around with them. I got the Gnomon dvd for "introduction to maya" and I am also working threw a introduction book for Maya. And I am loving every second of it. To get a better feel for my work you can see my stuff, HERE (

Anyways I guess what I am looking for is some insight on Gnomon and if it would be a good choice or not. Moving is not an issue to me, I hate Florida so that is going to be more of a plus. Money is of course a concern, but debt I don't care about, as long as I get a good education and I get to do what I love, I'd rather owe money than hate going to work.

Some specific things I would like to know are, what kind of hours do you work, are you happy with your choice, a link to the portfolio you submitted would be awesome, what type of housing did you have, a round about figure on living expenses would also be amazing. Any other additional information would be immensely appreciated.

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01 January 2010, 08:06 PM
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