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01 January 2010, 07:20 AM
tony has entered "B-Movie".

01 January 2010, 07:32 AM
My skills are no way up to this but heres my script I wrote today sorry for long post


Working Title: The Beast that Ate Me.

Synopsis: A young pixie guard on the very outskirts of the vast Pixie mushroom empire who dreams of doing brave deeds is confronted by a hideous Beast from Hell intent on eating his mushrooms. There ensues an epic one sided battle with the Beast virtually oblivious to the hero’s actions, he shows great determination and courage but it culminates in him being accidentally swallowed and spat out. The Beast then wanders off in disgust, with the hero doing a victory war dance befitting his new status. A B grade ‘coming of age’ movie.

The Cast:

The hero: Young Pixie guard. Dreams of doing great deeds, keen, resolutely heroically brave, but stuck in outpost in end of nowhere. Armour is ill fitting and too big for him. His helmet constantly falls over his eyes. He is very quick and bouncy because he is so small with spiderlike arms and legs. He is 2/3rds the height of a mushroom.

The Beast: A giant snail. At no time does our snail understand or become really conscious of our hero’s actions. It is dumb, docile and slow moving, but it can withdraw any part of its body very rapidly if needs be. It has fluid facial expressions

The Scene: A forest floor under moonlight with mushroom guardhouse and a field of mushrooms.


Titles1: “The Beast that Ate Me”. Spelled out in garish B grade font. Flashing violently.
Sound: Typical B grade movie title sound FX

Titles2: Black screen. “A film by _________” scroll off.

Titles3: Black screen, scrolling B grade font. More flashing.
’ In a field far, far away from the centre of the vast Pixie Empire a lone guard is all that stands between Pixiekind and total annihilation....’.
Camera drops down from black screen to moon

Shot 1: The moon over the forest, camera pans back and down from the moon showing sleeping field of mushrooms, pans right past ‘Pixie Mushroom Field No 342’ sign and continues to guardhouse where Pixie is sleeping outside, the sound of snoring is heard
Sound: music “As I wish upon a star” in the setting shot to fade out to snoring

Shot 2: Close up of young Pixie guard asleep snoring, he is dreaming mighty deeds, feet twitching, rapid eye movement. A bubble forms over his head showing flashes of him as a mighty warrior doing various great deeds in headlines in tabloid being pinned with a medal, he sighs.
Sound: gentle snoring overlaid by fading applause.

Shot 3: Cut to moon, a cloud drifts across to cover it.
Sound: Ominous music starts.

Shot 4: Cut to close up of shadow falling over young guard. Ominous music builds, a slithery tentacle, slides into scene, sound pauses, it is a worm, worm looks at camera surprised, double takes, worm exits hurriedly, build up music resumes. Pause, silence. A thud is heard. Camera shakes.
Sound: Ominous music build up, pause for worm reveal, continues then pause, then a thud, silence.

Shot 5: Cut to mushroom field, a puddle, it vibrates with next thud
Sound: a louder thud, distant snoring

Shot 6: Cut back to young guard. An even louder thud is heard. The shake is enough to make his helmet fall down over his eyes. He is awake. He lifts his helmet back up cautiously and peers out eyes wide. He listens. Pause. A gigantic thud is heard which shakes him loose from the ground.
Sound: a gigantic thud. Silence

Shot 7: He leaps up, tangling his gear, falls over, picks himself up, tilts back oversized helmet which has fallen over his eyes again, and jumps around en guard, eyes wide then narrow alertly. He peers out into blackness.
Sound: Clanging gear

Shot 8: Camera widens out zooms past shoulder to top of trees, where a fearsome moving silhouette rises and is exposed against the night sky.
Sound: Dum,dum,dum,dum dah crescendo builds up, pause and then strange munching sound heard

Shot 9: Cloud departs moon. Rapid. B grade joke, moon searchlights.

Shot 10: Cut to creature revealed starkly. Beast is startled motionless staring down, expression wide eyed, mouthful of mushroom. Light flickers on off as climactic reveal.
Sound: Climactic clash with lights

Shot 11: Close up horror revealed in guards eyes with flashing light

Shot 12-13: repeat 10 and 11

Shot 14: Silence. (Moonlight on from here on). Beast now in full view lowers head, plucks nearest mushroom and devours it, munches contentedly, spares a disinterested glance at our hero and continues to next mushroom.
Sound: Silence then munch sounds with eating

Shot 15: Shot quick multiple zooms from Pixie guards POV, to beast eating mushroom, mushroom field, back to beast as another mushroom disappears.
Sound: Alarm bell dings with each camera zoom

Shot 16: Close up of hero, in dilemma, looks up to see hero status going up in a ‘Phuuppt!’ in his thought bubble, then slowly hardening resolve, eyes narrow, slowly out camera, he grips his spear, skirts up his armour, resets his helmet, stamps his feet for purchase, gathers himself, close in camera again, sets mouth into battle grimace, emits squeaky fart. Pause.
Sound: ’Phuuppt’ at bubble burst then fart smaller higher pitched version of this.

Shot 17: Hero winds up road runner style, legs go round and round to a blur, he launches, camera pans with him as he streaks away, back ground blurs, he lowers spear, holding helmet, his profile gets lower and lower the faster he goes. There is a clang as he runs against shell, camera overshoots pans past then hurries back, windback noise, spear and hero vibrate, then pratfalls back stunned spear in air.
Sound: On the charge, music Ride of the Valkyries, sudden sound stop at Clang, and windback sound to spear point

Shot 18: extreme close up of wide open eyes, slow blink, wide open stare

Shot 19: High shot zoom in on hero lying on back, Beast turns to look at him then continues nonchalantly back to eating
Sound: munching

Shot 20: Re-establishment shot. Hero is standing on a mushroom, resets hat re-girds himself, looks determined.

Shot 21: Long view POV of hero over tops of mushrooms to target Beasts head.

Shot 22: Camera pan follows hero from behind right quarter as he builds up speed, Camera zooms with him as he bounces frenetically from mushroom to mushroom before launching himself into the air. Beast moves head at last minute so he goes straight into shell again. There is a slow dribbling slide to base of shell. Beasts head pops up again, puzzled.
Sound: Bounce sound buildup, fearsome cry as hero launches, clang as he hits, then chalk-on-board as he slides

Shot 23: Re-establishment shot. Hero is standing on a tree stump much higher up, resets hat re-girds himself, looks determined.

Shot 24: Long view POV of hero through hanging vines to target head.

Shot 25: Camera pan follows hero from behind right quarter as he builds up speed, Camera zooms with him as he swings gloriously from vine to vine before launching himself into the air. Beast sees him coming opens mouth in horror and swallows him whole.
Sound:Tarzan call ending in engulfing sound

Shot 26: Close up of Beast head, there is a speculative chew, a clamouring tumult in the beasts mouth, another speculative chew, more tumult, a quick prise open of the mouth, closing again. Beast looks disgusted at taste and sicks our hero out onto a mushroom.
Sound: Chewing, clamour, chewing, clamour, prise sound, squash sound then retch

Shot 27: Close up of our hero all covered in goo. No spear shield pops out as late dump to bounce off head. Utter defeat.
Sound: Buzzing fly, Bong

Shot 28: POV of hero as Beast leaves in umbrage, one last lookback spits out spear which lands between our heroes legs.

Shot 29: Hero jumps up disengages spear, gives vigorous multiple 'the finger' rude salutes, and dances crazy victory dance at departing Beast to final music.
Sound: music ‘All along the Watchtower’ swells in

Shot 30: Sun rises over our hero in silhouette as he assumes proportions of heroic pixie stature as we zoom out to the fading sounds of Hendrix .

Spin-in background panel with tabloid “Pixie Tabloid Times” showing headline “the Beast that ate me” and by-line “Hero saves Planet” with picture receiving medal.
Second spin in tabloid with caption and photo showing him promoted to Pixie Empire Mushroom Defence First General

Final shot: Last shot shows long out view of snails popping their heads progressively out all over the place from lots of mushroom fields.....

The End

Copyright : tonytrout Jan 2010

Additional possible Scene: Hero spear fighting against snails tail with snail pooing on him.

Possible B grade additions : 35mm film burnout and stop midway, groan. Clackity clack restart. Sound non synchronised. Momentary Insertion of Creature from the Black Lagoon at Beast reveal.

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